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  1. Currency and Mobile Data Questions

    Exchange in a Bank, is always the safest way. Credit cards are not a big thing in europe, specially in Bars, Restaurants etc - its cash money. T-mobile will work in all of theese countrys just make sure you have a roaming plan included, if not get one before traveling.
  2. AOS APP [Tested] Lucky Patcher v9.7.2 (CM)

    you must be new, always click the "tiny like" button to unlock the dl links.
  3. AOS APP [Tested] MediBang Paint 23.5 (Mod|Premium)

    Playstore Link: Features: * All paid features unlocked * Email login fully working * No Advertisement, No Analytics * Removed unwanted permissions English & German, armv7 & arm64v8 Free Download: Hidden content
  4. AOS APP [Tested] Video Cutter & Video Editor v1.0.50.00 (Mod|Pro)

    Playstore Link: Features: * Premium unlocked * No Advertisement * Removed unwanted permissions * Offline patched Free Download: Hidden content
  5. Shared [Tested] Lost Within v1.0 (Paid|Restored)

    Game Name: Lost Within Version: 1.0 Needs OBB: Yes Needs Root: No Features: * Paid & Full * Removed unwanted permissions Free Download: Hidden content
  6. AOS APP [Tested] Banking4 v7.7.2.7891 (Paid|LR)

    you might wanne use the new version. Also to unlock dl links always click the "tiny like"
  7. AOS APP [Tested] Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet v101.0.4951.57 (Mod|Arm64v8)

    Yes comes with the best Extensions as attachment.
  8. AOS APP [Tested] Twitch Xtra v2.4.0 (OS|CM)

    Nope its an Open Source "Twitch Client" basically Twitch but better and no account needed.
  9. AOS APP [Tested] Via Browser - Fast & Light v4.4.0 [Mod | International]

    Playstore Link: Features: * Removed Analytics * Removed Unwanted Permissions (Location & Camera) * Renamed Via to "Browser" * Added internal ADS Blocker (30k filters) * Added custom ublock origin Filters (Remove Ads & Annoyances on...
  10. AOS APP [Tested] Via Browser - Fast & Light v4.3.6 [Mod | International]

    Update is in the making. Will release it later Today. :pepe020:
  11. AOS APP [Tested] Twitch Xtra v2.4.0 (OS|CM)

    Features: * Open Source Twitch Client * No Analytics, Tracking or other nonsense * Lightweight 4MB * Rare Advertising (Just click the "Refresh" button) * Follow Streamers without an Account * Collect Channel points (New) * Auto Raids connect (New) * Download Videos * Sleep Timer * Background...
  12. Shared [Tested] Justice Attorney - Apollo (Paid) Ver. 1.00.02 MOD APK

    Playstore Link: Game Name: Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Version: 1.00.02 Needs OBB: Yes Needs Root: No Features: * Paid & Full * License check disabled Free Download: Hidden content
  13. Shared MOD Implosion - Never Lose Hope (Paid|FS|Mod)

    Playstore Link: Game Name: Implosion Version: 1.2.12 Needs OBB: yes Needs Root: No Features: * Paid & Full * Max Graphics * 60 FPS Unlocked * Widescreen increased (No button issues) * Android 11/12 supported * Google Play...
  14. AOS APP [Tested] Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet v101.0.4951.57 (Mod|Arm64v8)

    This is the latest version yes, but if you have the v99 mod and already setup nicely then you can keep using that.
  15. Tutorial Block ADS in Browsers (Android 6-13)

    Scroll down the filter is at the end as an attachment or get it here: 108.5 KB file on MEGA

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