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  1. PMT FREE MOD State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration Ver. 1.16.20 MOD Menu APK | Damage Multiplier | One Hit Kill | God Mode

    Works only on the explorer's trail. Damage = game error. God mode works without errors. In other cases, it doesn't make sense.
  2. Outdated Battle Legion - Mass Battler Ver. 2.3.9 MOD Menu APK | Damage Multiplier | God Mode

    Root versions no longer work. Writes "It is not possible to install on your device." Although the previous version (before the update) I had it and worked. Make the signed version work.
  3. FREE MOD Dungeon Legends - RPG MMO Game Ver. 3.21 MOD MENU APK | God Mode | Damage | Speed, Gold, EXP |

    The mod is strong, everything works, the game is dead ... Thanks to the developer for the mod.
  4. READ! You like to test mods? You like to help the community? Join the PTT!

    Device: Google Pixel 4 (non root). About myself : My name is Oleg. I am an active PM user. Registered on the portal on March 18, 2021 (there was a second account from which I lost access). Offers : I decided to write to you, as I often see your activity in the chat and interaction with users...
  5. PMT FREE MOD LunaM : My Ver. 1.0.604 MOD Menu APK | Move Speed Multiplier | Attack Speed Multiplier

    In general, I got the impression that this only works visually. At the start of the game, the hero hits the mob for 3 seconds, with the attack speed mod x5, he also spends 3 seconds, but at the same time he waves his weapon madly.
  6. FREE MOD Xtreme Drift 2 Ver. 2.2 MOD APK | Unlimited Coin

    where is the link to the game cache?
  7. Outdated Nano Legends Ver. 1.5.0 MOD APK | Infinite Mana

    Unfortunately there is no way to test. APK doesn't work.
  8. Open Request Lineage W

  9. Open Request Heroes of the Dark™

    Игра вышла совсем недавно, думаю в сестеме есть дыры. Будет очень хорошо, если вы создадите мод, это будет как протест против разработчиков. в игре глючный интерфейс, плохо работает чат, да и донат действительно довольно лютый.

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