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    Tutorial How to make iOS Apps Duplicated

    @thy SENPAi probably i just didnt find it yet
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    Tutorial How to make iOS Apps Duplicated

    @Wanglang Yeah sometimes u have to try multiple times cause the edited line stays the same in plist, just open it again, edit, save until 7-zip ask u to owerwrite it, or the other method is that u copy plist to elsewhere edit it there and just drop it back where it belongs? Hope this will help!
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    Tutorial How to make iOS Apps Duplicated

    @waled873548734 same bro???. Glad to help?
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    Tutorial How to make iOS Apps Duplicated

    What u need: Cydia impactor: Cydia Impactor 7-zip: 7-Zip im gonna use Bleach brave souls in example 1. Download cydia and bbs ipa 2. open bbs ipa with 7 zip 3. find Payload\\Info.plist in ipa in our case Payload\\Info.plist 4. press enter 5. in the info.plist find...

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