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Yuuki Kuroyama

My nickname is Yuuki Kuroyama, I'm a kid who loves to code. 

I was born in Indonesia 2002 September 03, which means that my age now is 16 years old.

I was started my career as "Hacker" when I was 13 years old, back then I was into PC Games Hacking. The first game that I wanted to hack is Point Blank / Project Blackout, the game was really popular in my country back then, so I wanted to see that if I can make a cheat for it, of course, I was started from zero that I even didn't understand a single programming language. 2 years of learning, I finally managed to learn 10 languages (C, C++, C#, VB, VB.Net, PHP, Pascal, Java, PHP, and Javascript), Well most of the time, I spent 1 year to learn basics of programming (with C++) and spent like 1 month or less for each another programming language because my knowledge of C++ helps me learn other programming languages. Since I was stopped in PC Game Hacking for some reason, I started to get in touch with APKs and ended up here! :D as a programming since my part here in this team is to create a software (and sometimes I mods game too). My main programming language is C++ since it was my first programming language. When I'm on free time, I usually play games. My favorite game is Mobile Legends & Any Rhythm Games. I also love Anime! that's why my nickname is a word from Japan, Yuuki means Courage & Kuro(Black)yama(Mountain). You can contact me in these followings media:

Discord: Yuuki Kuroyama#2959



WhatsApp: +62 812 8487 2960

Line: @yuukikuroyama

Email: [email protected]

(every donation is appreciated!)


"Life at your own way, just because you have failed on something it doesn't mean that you can't do it"