Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu MEGA MOD APK | 27 Features! Aimbot, Radar, Speed, Chams & much more!

VIP Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu MEGA MOD APK | 27 Features! Aimbot, Radar, Speed, Chams & much more! Ver. 1.0.10

Awesome Mods, GBo is great at informing us on what's going on and what's to come. Cant wait to try the new mods when they are ready. Be careful how you use these because y ou u can and will get ban. I would stick with charms, ESP, no recoil, no spread, radar on, no counter uav....anything more than you might get ban as people will notice from killcams
Excellent mod having lots of fun with this.
Great mod menu reminds me of old mod cod mod menu at first I thought I was going to get scammed but mod is all legit all work fine use at your own risk n how you play it it too so you wont get ban other than that is good cant wait
Gbo is the best I love the menu got banned lol but that's because I was showing out trying to test everything but I'm low key now bullet aim is the shit thanks
Agree with the mod really works I download mod2 and working with fb login enjoy guys and thank you for this mods
Everything works as expected, would be nice if In the future esp bounding boxes were added, also would like to see which options I have activated.
I have a problem tho where the game is constantly restarting randomly even when no options are enabled. Other then that great work to the devs and thank you for making this work on Non Root Devices
You guys need to stop complaining about the mods if you don't know how to use them I'm level 48 elite 3 in ranked match haven't been banned yet you just have to know how to use them if you are careless than of course you're going to get banned don't take it out on the developers they do a great job with this I hope they don't change nothing because of the people that are crying that don't know how to use it let me give you guys some tips this is what I do I play ranked matches after every three matches I quit the game and come back to it later if you play for a few hours straight the chances of you getting banned even if you use a file host are extremely high play like three or four games and then quit come back to it later I will check back when I am legendary in rank the matches you just have to know how to use them bro don't make it obvious and avoid the killcam stop complaining this is the best mod menu out there shout out to the homie who created this in the staff and admin you guys are doing a great job don't let this complaining people get to you man this is the best thing out there
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
thank you very very much <3
I love the mods plus I am new to this I am useing the hostfile with mod v2 no ban so far I was JW do people see the mods we are useing on there screens or no
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
No but some cheats are obvious, so always try to NOT be on final cam
Great job
Very quick updating broski
Thanks <3
Would also be cool if aiming down sights activated aimbot
So far working great with bypass.
The Mod is working perfectly (tested in blueStacks), But it doesn't work in zombies mode. :(
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Zombie mod works 80%, but we will try to adjust it soon for zombies
The V3 mod unsigned , is working perfectly, no crash or reboot. 4 The other mods there was an error or reboot during gameplay
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
As explained, MOD 3 support all platforms including emulator, 1+2 is different =)
Works well for the most part, but the aimbot can be glitchy at times where there are lots of enemies on screen- resulting in me shooting a wall or the ground instead.
Everything allright - like always!
thanks for the fast update
Aw man I got banned on global version 😭 anybody else? I still love this I guess I'll have to make another fb account
Excellent mods and working great. The only thing I wish to have is some distinction as to what's enabled or disabled in the mods such as some highlighted text if the mod is enabled. But overall, 5 star rating..
Best menu I've seen yet!
1. I love that you used the old modernware fare style menu from the jtag/rgh/jailbreak mods.

2. Would love to see predictive aimbot added for when enemies are running around and so it doesn't trail them.

3. Would love esp to be added.

4. Can't wait for head dot to be added and added aimbot feature to track it for when they are sliding/ crouching/lying down. ( currently have to be whatever they are as aimbot only targets head height off base of map from what position you are)

5. Need to add, enabled/disabled markers or checkboxes to see what is currently enabled or not.

I am loving it so far and can't wait for more updates and security updates for new updates!

Will change to 5 stars when it's been updated to include some points.
this version is better than garena version lol XD no fc no match restart, global is bae <3, plz add on/off indicator asap, thank youuuuu <3
One of the best's modmenu's, if u wanna rage you're Welcome !
but, the aimbot needs improvement in my opinion, needs "Visiblie Check" and "Cust FOV", but still really great for the first mod menu in codm, keep it up !
Thanks. Working perfect
Very good MOD!!
This is my very first VIP MOD. Though it's great, fast.
I would change only a couple of things in here;

1. The menu, is not that intuitive, but this can be easily improved by just adding some check boxes in order to be sure which function is enabled or disabled.

2. The AimBot need a little bit of improvement, sometimes yo're shooting to the wall instead of an enemy in front of you.

Keep it the good work and thank you for reading us :)
Good mod. Most of the features work well. Aimbot in particular needs improvement. Definitely try the mod out, very good mod and I'm sure the aim functions will be improved in the future.
Good user interface, aimbot needs improvement as it was targeting someone behind the wall when an enemy was in front of me. The bubble to open the mod menu is large IMO may be an option to resize it or something. An option to disable all mods or notification that the mod is enabled or not would be a great addition as well.

Easily the easiest mod I've had to install on my device. Followed multiple links to different things I needed, from the VIP license, to the OBB, and finally the modded apk. Keep up the great work
Great Menu thanks all involved nice site nice mods easy instructions I love it
Great mod, but i think it would be better if you you could update the aimbot to target those in sight and not someone who is behind the walls.
Gostaria de entender o por que o jogo fecha as vezes!
Thank you it works absolutely fine! Keep up the good work
Thank you very much. Hope the mod will get an update for Android 8.1.0
Au top toujour les best
Ausgezeichnete Arbeit! RESPEKT
Pretty great mod love it 👍👌 keep it up
its rlly good i like it but if we could get explanation of some options like what radar means? and such
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Radar shows the enemies on map.
Great, just do not use hacks like aimbot or speed hack in ranked and you won't get banned.
I freakin love this!! I hope it keeps going for future updates. I will remain VIP. best one out here by far!
Dis mod is best. Better than sharpshooter tbh. It only needs one thing. Esp.
This mod is beast 💪💪💪
Works perfect
Great mod and if you want to exit visuals u have to scroll down lol
Great mod but once you are in the visual mods you cannot exit out to see the other mod menus
Amazing xandrewx2007x sent me here
Thank U very much, awesome anti ban
Thanks for the mod it is brilliant
Awesome thank you

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