King's Raid VIP MOD MENU APK | Unlimited Skills | All Stats Choosable | Autowin |

VIP King's Raid VIP MOD MENU APK | Unlimited Skills | All Stats Choosable | Autowin | Ver. 3.34.3

@ g-bo 's updated credits will not be applied to raider, but will not apply to chaser raid.
G-Bo Thanks for update fast & Merry X'mas!
Very good work :D
you are so great to help us update the mod.
G-Bo thanks for the fast update
goood job n love it
Update to 3.14.4 please!
Dear G-Boッ, Thanks for the great fast update!
Fast update from G-Bo! Awesome!
The mod is working really fine, starting from the early version till the latest updates. G-Bo keeps on updating this mod pretty fast. Thank you for this awesome mod!
so good this mod
Awesome and cool!
good mod and thanks
haha, I can play now!!! Thanks a lot!
Excellent Mod
Best mod and frequent update
3.5.2 Version updatae please
please update
It has good work at field but it dosen't work at dragon raid and world boss raid.
Why don't add the license to new mod? Your work has been stolen by another website.
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: Ver. 3.1.0
Please update 3.3
Awesome mod, can't ask for anything better, wonder if u checked the hero's inn and can influence anything in there will be superb !
Update fast & great work. :)
you are the best, good work.
nice mod =)
Nvm works great!
Thanks for the update.
I just love the mod keep up the good work
Thank you for this mod. Are there any known flags for using this mod that result in a ban? If so, what are they?
The choosable stats not working
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
You just forgot to press the button in the menu after.
top mod
Super mod
thanks G-bo :D
Nice Mod :)
Best mod thx alot
nice mod
Thank for the mod, it helps a lot. Anyway, do the game admin knows that I am using mod ? or there is any way to make hide my using mod action?
Thank you! Everything is working.
God damn this is awesome!!!
Please remember, that when you switch to autoskill you have to switch auto combat OFF!!! Otherwise not only player skills would be renewed instantly. Mobs too.
Thanks G-Bo
very like this mod
Program is good
thanks for this great update!