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La descarga del juego no se realiza
After the update the game works normal, without the cheats activated. I still get the banner by yeowang
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Read the note how to use the config file
Great..Thanks for the fast fix. Everything seem fine. Only the cheat need to manually adjust in file but that not the problem as long as I can continue play. Thank u again.
the mod works, but please add on/off menu if possible, since, I can't even get past tutorial as I got 'anomaly detected' error.
Great hack works perfectly but please make an option to swtich it off when required because we always can keep using it otherwise fear and chances of ban are high.
Al principio se hace algo lioso pero funciona perfectamente súper guay el aimbot y todo lo que trae el mod
Love the mod, the fucntionalities are quick and easy simple menu and easy too navigate but it doesnt have esp, or red boxes which I love on menus as well as an aimlock/bot
Great mod but I can confirm the ban in less then a week even not using it in pvp, just campaign.
awesome mod, no problems to report
the best mod for JWA, subscribed VIP just for this, lol
Very nice mod! Thank you.
I need more coins more more more....
Pretty Good so Far the only problem is the account change to get box items
Need 1 more mod like 10k currency to buy skins

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