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Great Mod, working without hassle, however, could you add infinite mana or damage multiplier or other multiplier ?
Really good hack !well done!

How do i change the damage multipliers ,it says its possible in description
Great MOD. Love the game before, love it even more now. Would like to be able to disable one hit kill and god mode thru sound/music on/off. I have to edit game file in storage/platinmods folder but still best MOD ever. Hope to see more mods for this game with newer future updates.!!
不知道为什么 我的会闪退
Great mod. Makes the game a lot of fun.
No error while playing and can see through bush. Well done to the coders
Mod works great. My only issue is that I couldn't get the on/off to work.
The mod works great! Is it possible to turn it off during game play? I'd like to deal damage but lose the fight. For dark dimension.

Thank you
thank you for the update but for some reason it keeps on crashing while doing dungeon, really lookin forward to get some help
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G-Bo ッ
Please report this in the vip thread, not in the ratings, here we cannot help you.
Pasable, podría ser un poco más jugable. Pero gráficamente está bien.
Great mod - but it sucks that I have to use an EMU just to burn my stamina. Why does the mod work on my Samsung but original doesn't?

Also - Is it possible to get a damage mod for pve?
Cool game only not working on rooted mobile
The mod menu is sometimes missing. I hope that you can also add the casting speed mod
I played and I'm leaving a good rating cause I'm sure I'm the one messing up. I installed the tutorial one fist but it just closes out after opening. I then tried installing the base game and then the tutorial to see if that would work. Still nothing. Can someone help me out
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G-Bo ッ
please ask for help in the support thread, we cannot discus here cause you cannot answer my questions.
你们用的是什么模拟器?为什么我的闪退!What kind of simulator are you using? Why do I flash back?
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G-Bo ッ
You can use NOX or Memu
tell me the emulator to use a non-root version
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G-Bo ッ
Memu Emulator
The mod looks great in video but i have tried installing all 3 different ways and when you go to load game up it then just shuts down. Can you please check to see if the mod apk needs update due to small patch being loaded in game for JTR event.
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Please contact me private, I guess you need assistant with the license =)
Great job

Please add gold free
please add " kill all monsters in map "
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G-Bo ッ
We removed it cause it was abused by members. If we put it back the devs will increase security and you cannot mod it anymore.
great work, i hope Kill All Monsters on Map will be back in the future.
Nice game boss.. need update.. comes out today
Really great mod , but i guess they took out the auto kill and auto kill map for bugs and may cause lagging.. exceptional work you
Works great but a reduce damage option would make it perfect for me.
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G-Bo ッ
You mean reduce enemy damage? Please keep in mind the rating is not made to show us what you wish, it is to show people if the mod is working as written or not and it is fully working as you say. You reduced a star for a wish you have which is unfair.
Thanks for the update. :)
Mesmo fazendo o procedimento correto, está dando erro, o jogo abre mas não sai disso.
Perfect mod,donate for VIP just for this.....
Please update 1.28
Awesome mod, this makes the game now worth playing! the modder is fantastic! a little sad that the enable/disable feature for the cheats were removed though :(
Amazing mod modes! Sometimes player chars does 0 damage, but doesn't affect gameplay at all
Ultra un big merci pour cette rapidite pour la mise a jour 2.0 fonctionelle :) je m'attendait pas a l'avoir aussi vite
Super mod , fonctionne tres bien et super pratique pour finir le mode campagne en 3 etoiles ^^ un grand merci pour ce mod