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The mod is perfect. But when it comes to boss raids, you can't get pass level 65 due to huge amount of health regen by bosses. So instead of Damage x1000 multiplier. I suggest increasing the multiplier of damage to x9999. That would surely help clearing the boss raids. The rest is all perfect.
amazing! but I wish there was an "obtain all level medals" 'cause it's hard to get the 25-hit combo requirement with 1-hit kill on
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
we added a "god mode only" version =)
So far so great
But I would like to have normal apk to install over the mod for buying stuffs in the game then I'll install mod over it again, would you have it?
Bleibt ständig hängen im Arena-Kampf. Bitte korrigieren
Works best. But if u using any team like traya lead vs JNR the player dies itself and the match cannot go further. All player become still and match ended in a draw.
When I download the original one from playstore and run the app, somehow it shown a warn "detected apps that may affect gameplay" then the app forcibly closed. This happened on 3.2.45a version.

So I can't install the unsign apk because I'm not yet login to facebook. Any help for this problem?
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
We cannot help you in the ratings. You need to write your question in the VIP Thread or contact the modder in order to get help on problems
Thanks. Donated for V.I.P for this mod and its working perfectly.
Great mod.. but Please update to version 1.4.0 it got updated yesterday
And plz dont spam about a update. It will delay if you spam about it. We all know things take time. So be patient it is only 1 day ago lol. If you can't wait mod it yourself
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Finally someone understands the matter =D
so far so good, newest version is already update, please update the MOD. Thanks
its a great mod but be careful as i just got banned
great mod. havnt been banned yet but only been using it for a few days
Working 100%, To avoid ban just be smart :)
OMG !!! This is wat i looking for !!! Ty Yeowang