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Hope this mod will stay active. Thanks for the hard work!
The mods work, but for some reason it looks like I'm the only one. Let me explain, Downloaded all files, launched the game logged in and as soon as I joined a match....Boom banned, logged in as a guest, immediately banned, created New fb, playstore account ect, immediately banned, I even used Host File but still immediately got banned. And by the looks of it I'm the only one experiencing it🙁😟😭😔

Anyone Knows why? But then again, it did say "Works upto 9, but 10 onwards might not work" Soooooo maybe that's it, I'm using S10+
Hi i was wondering whyy this version is in Japanese?
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
This is the global version, it offers language setup for many languages. Japanese is one of them. Please choose english on startup.
You guys need to stop complaining about the mods if you don't know how to use them I'm level 48 elite 3 in ranked match haven't been banned yet you just have to know how to use them if you are careless than of course you're going to get banned don't take it out on the developers they do a great job with this I hope they don't change nothing because of the people that are crying that don't know how to use it let me give you guys some tips this is what I do I play ranked matches after every three matches I quit the game and come back to it later if you play for a few hours straight the chances of you getting banned even if you use a file host are extremely high play like three or four games and then quit come back to it later I will check back when I am legendary in rank the matches you just have to know how to use them bro don't make it obvious and avoid the killcam stop complaining this is the best mod menu out there shout out to the homie who created this in the staff and admin you guys are doing a great job don't let this complaining people get to you man this is the best thing out there
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
thank you very very much <3
It really works thx for all participants. Is it possible to edit config file so that it gives more crown per minute PLS
I love the mods plus I am new to this I am useing the hostfile with mod v2 no ban so far I was JW do people see the mods we are useing on there screens or no
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
No but some cheats are obvious, so always try to NOT be on final cam
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Lucky you ;-) But to not make hope for all Android 10 users, normally it does not work on A10 yet =D
This mod is cool but when thi skill used give some buff it will be spammed. ven if its from Koharu or Assisting Party.

But i solved it so It's okay, i just need to tap the screen after use my skill so they will not attack any mobs on event dungeon like bluerose and other.

And here i am waiting for update.
Great MOD it ’s very useful
Direct support
But hopefully adding Darkvisions events is even better
При включение говорит что нужно обновить игру. Версия устарела.
I with this mod only took 2 days from rookie to pro Rank
Great job
Very quick updating broski
Thanks <3
Would also be cool if aiming down sights activated aimbot
Everything the mod was built to do it does well
All mod feartures are working good , for those who dont really much care about esp or aimbot, the already mods might just be enough.
And awesome gui menu with their adjustable colors.

And some things i wish to see on next updates
Esp or at least a simple radar modded
Maybe a hitbox mod
Hide button option in the gui options
Or a occapacity level adjustable for the button
The Mod is working perfectly (tested in blueStacks), But it doesn't work in zombies mode. :(
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Zombie mod works 80%, but we will try to adjust it soon for zombies
The V3 mod unsigned , is working perfectly, no crash or reboot. 4 The other mods there was an error or reboot during gameplay
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
As explained, MOD 3 support all platforms including emulator, 1+2 is different =)
I want you to edit the on / off status function. Sometimes I forget that I have left AIMBOT open after the first game, causing the game to reset again.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Which features need to be set off before a new battle are explained in mod description bro
Works well for the most part, but the aimbot can be glitchy at times where there are lots of enemies on screen- resulting in me shooting a wall or the ground instead.
Everything allright - like always!
thanks for the fast update
Everything works fine. But can I use wallhack without the rainbow Chams?
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Yes you can set it in the config file on MOD 1 or in Menu on MOD 2/3 =)
from some matches that I played the mod worked well, good work. but for the time being there are no problems with the mod
So far is perfect but now am stick on 9-13 anyone else having the same problem cant play the stories they fight for ever lol dunno lol
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Deactivate cheats and play it legit, then use cheats again
So far so good, playing 2 games, in mp,
Tnx for fast update,
I'll be waiting for the next update,
Good luck for u all
Five stars 1st of all for the new update of new Mod.
Super fast guys
I m very impressed . . .I m waiting for global Cod update and More eagerly waiting for Global Mod Menu.
I m from middle East. will Garena version works in my country?
So i guess making a new comment removes previous. So i will say a few things. 1. Please everyone note if you have x1000 dmg and x1000 def active and do guild war, you will recieve an instant ban. 2. This ban applies only to the server you did the guild war on, you can switch to another server without the ban. 3. G-bo is an antiban possible or do i have to lose the account i was stupid with?
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Antiban sadly do not exists for online game cause the ban is serversided, but thanks for sharing the warning about guild wars =)
Quick tip guys in other to avoind ban only play this mod on story mode loot and upgrade up.. just focuse mainly on story
Make sure not to activate instant win mod its a risky one
So stick with stats multiplier is really good just tune it up u find your self low rating and tweak it up by a little untile u find your sweet spot.. dont emter deugeons or raid(You will 100%get banned so make sure u have every mod turned off before doing that..(Weak enemies works well combined with stats multiplier and godmod
I mostly only use god mod at high chapters where i find my self dying rediclously..
Unlimited skills..that one is really safe.. as long ass i dont over input your stats multiplier (so just keep in the beginning at 10.. and ones u hit arpund chapter 5 towards 9 u can increase it up by 30 or 20
It also all depends on the stats of your weapon and gears keep that in mind
But if your that guy who really wants to play raids and guild bosses just rank up delete the modded application and install orignal from your playstore you should be fine

Forgot to mension DOnt use mode in guild wars or World bosses this will also result in a ban. Also stay away from pvp as this will result also in a ban

THE TEMPLE of the god king
If u find your self getting stuck at the sub story just turn off every mod and leave multiplier on 1 as this is default
NOTE: playing with the mod in the trial of the gods deungeon will result you instantly To an Alterd data error
So stay of it untill u play on the orignal apk for playstore..
I hope to have helped guys
Lemme know u guys have any questions
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
amazing tips and review buddy, thanks a lot!
Good mod but it doesn't work on Android 10
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Android 10 is too new and not supported yet, but we will try to add the support soon.
Great mod. Question though, says when clicking to add crystals or use summon that it is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Is it real? Or is it their form of an anti cheat?
Eu só acho que falta um radar, e um aimbot daí seria perfeito!! :)

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