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Axe official seems to have upgrade protection. I hope that the great gods of Platinmods can help crack. Now I can't log in to the character screen.

Can you check it out for me? I can log in with FB but I can't enter the character selection screen. I have been playing for two weeks. But I can't do it today. But I can log in normal with the Original version.
I still use it this morning. now. I can't log in. No matter google FB ghost. I can't log in. NO mod can run normally.
Yes, it works fine but... be careful, you will get a beautiful ban .. after less a week! :(
Really good mod. Makes farming a breeze.
This is and incredible MOD. I Love it!
Crashed when use more than maximum people in university
Awesome mod, i tried different mods(on ios by other developers) but this is best, specially i liked is free researching and upgrading, library one is not working but i hope she will find a way to get it working again... An ADVICE FOR PLAYERS: if u want to avoid getting banned leave the alliance and activate peace treaty, bcz any jealous guy may report you after seeing multiple building getting upgraded together ( zero people needed mod). Thanks to modders
thank you Bro !!! :D
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
They do, you just do something wrong. Hundreds of others users arnt wrong. Ask in VIP thread for help.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Some accounts are flagged, if you try another account, it will work.
Works brilliantly, if you have a problem opening the gane like I did originally then follow the instructions here....
Thanks but sometimes network error crown reset

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