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Da qualche giorno faccio difficoltà ad entrare nella mod,mi risputa fuori con un messaggio di ritrovamento file illegale,fino ad allora sempre perfetto,speriamomrisolvano presto è diventata un'agonia entrare...
Today, the game with mods issued an error "illegal program has been detected" and stopped running.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Well, not suitable for rating but thanks for showing off the mod is working haha
Need Pick up Item x255.
There are some one time only chest that has good materials.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Don't be greedy. x255 = ban. My mod never banned someone yet. Its just a number to change from x10 to x255. But we try to avoid bans.
Works great! Every Monday night they seem to roll a new update and this mod has to be updated to
Works beautifully. Hopefully next update will include x22 for non chest material pick ups
very nice mod, but must carefull not to get story key item when item mod active
Excellent mod, but it will get you banned if you don't modify the values to be more realistic and/or if you use it on a new account. I was banned in hours testing it out on a new account and I was so surprised that this company keeps up on those things since I assumed this was a rip-off of Summoners War (which it is) lol
有更多功能可以做出來 例如鑽石無消耗 藍寶石無消耗購買獎章
This mod does everthing it is intended to do, if it only had an energy mod it would be perfect. But still 5 stars.
the app is working and it is great
This is an amazing mod and offers everything I want from this app, and the response time to get the updated versions have always come quickly.
Great, if only it would stop open another menu when the game closes it will be perfect. In any case in a few hours there will be an important update, so we need a new mod upgrade, thanks.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
No need to mention updates, we always care to update within 24hours =) Happy you enjoy!
Thanks but needs to be updated as of a few minutes ago. Worked very well though

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