MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK | Attack x1 - x100 | God Mode | Unlim Skills | Unlim Turns |

VIP MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK | Attack x1 - x100 | God Mode | Unlim Skills | Unlim Turns | Ver. 2.2.1

Worked fine but account got banned after about a week
work fine sorry
was a good mod but i got banned and i didnt even abuse it, i didnt use it in pvp just pve
Great Mod but you need to do something about the banning...
Mod works perfectly however, the devs can detect it and have been banning like crazy. I barely used it and never in noticible ways and I got banned as well. If you're using this currently, just know that you're on borrowed time.
Good mod... but i got banned.
This work but im just got banned.
its a great mod but be careful as i just got banned
Gostei, muito bom
Great work.
A voir si pas de ban comme il ont mis un systeme anti triche
Por gentileza precisa ser atualizado. Mod muito bom. Parabéns!
Awesome mod, just need update!
Awesome mod though I think it needs updating
Awesome! Works great, but i wolud be interested too if i could turn it off?
Really good hack !well done!

How do i change the damage multipliers ,it says its possible in description
不知道为什么 我的会闪退
The mod works great! Is it possible to turn it off during game play? I'd like to deal damage but lose the fight. For dark dimension.

Thank you
Nice game boss.. need update.. comes out today
Works great but a reduce damage option would make it perfect for me.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
You mean reduce enemy damage? Please keep in mind the rating is not made to show us what you wish, it is to show people if the mod is working as written or not and it is fully working as you say. You reduced a star for a wish you have which is unfair.
Amazing mod modes! Sometimes player chars does 0 damage, but doesn't affect gameplay at all
Ultra un big merci pour cette rapidite pour la mise a jour 2.0 fonctionelle :) je m'attendait pas a l'avoir aussi vite
Super mod , fonctionne tres bien et super pratique pour finir le mode campagne en 3 etoiles ^^ un grand merci pour ce mod
The enemy team keeps attacking until I lose, was there something I did wrong? I changed it to always my turn
this mod is very efficient! congratulations
Good work.
Excellent! good job as always :)
Works as intended. Use "rename obb" trick to instal
Very Good Job ! Thanks Bro ;)
Works perfectly
The mod is good, but some character skills are not multiplier by the attack mode. Like spiderman, punisher, hand archer, hand archer and more...
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
I've used all Spider Man skills in the video and all of them where multiplied. I don't see where the problem is.
Works it's amazing I love it
Awesome !!! Thanks Bro ;)
work perfectly
Thank you excellent mod!
Best MOD :)
awesome!wonderful game!you are the one.
great MOD and many thanks
Excellent :D