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VIP Mobile Legends Bang Bang MOD APK | Radar Hack | No Errors | No Disconnect | No Root | Ver.

Please update :)
Very Nice mod guys. ;)
Got Vip only for this game only hopefully we get an update soon.
Love this game, i bought vip for this game. Please update thx
People have been requesting. Where's the update??
Update pls !
Cmon this need update. Cant play
Today the game updated, update the mod. pls.
Mod need to updated, thanks
Thanks for new update, The new updated so fast like the flash XD and flawless like wonder women :) :)
Just to notify, not to spam about the update, but the new version has already out. thanks modders! have a great day! ^^
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Updated =)
So far so great
But I would like to have normal apk to install over the mod for buying stuffs in the game then I'll install mod over it again, would you have it?
And plz dont spam about a update. It will delay if you spam about it. We all know things take time. So be patient it is only 1 day ago lol. If you can't wait mod it yourself
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Finally someone understands the matter =D
so far so good, newest version is already update, please update the MOD. Thanks
Best mod, no error
Works flawlessly!
Nice Mod Yuuki Kuroyama :D
it's working fine, no error, i hope new feature will be added. =D
Awesome guys.. Thumbs up.
Good job! Well done!
please update
It's baccccck
No error while playing and can see through bush. Well done to the coders