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Everything reguarding the continuity of the mod was comperable Hence I gave it a rating of 4 out of 5. However, I took a point off because I do not have the option to log into google or facebook thus 4 out of 5. ITS understandible but a master modder could have it so, now dont get me wrong I am quite the fan of Yeow. Its just a bit frustrating when I have to start from scratch.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
ehhhm, respecting your rating but google and facebook is possible. Google needs root, like always, there is no signed mod existing in the whole world for ANY game with google login. But facebook is possible without root, the tuto how to use it is written in the description.
Thanks for such an awesome mod! And such amazing updates so quick and perfecttt!!!
Bleibt ständig hängen im Arena-Kampf. Bitte korrigieren
Works best. But if u using any team like traya lead vs JNR the player dies itself and the match cannot go further. All player become still and match ended in a draw.
Works perfectly
great mod. havnt been banned yet but only been using it for a few days
Mod works great but I was wondering if there was a way to make the mod bypass event character requirements?
Great MOD. Love the game before, love it even more now. Would like to be able to disable one hit kill and god mode thru sound/music on/off. I have to edit game file in storage/platinmods folder but still best MOD ever. Hope to see more mods for this game with newer future updates.!!
Mod works great. My only issue is that I couldn't get the on/off to work.
The mod looks great in video but i have tried installing all 3 different ways and when you go to load game up it then just shuts down. Can you please check to see if the mod apk needs update due to small patch being loaded in game for JTR event.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
Please contact me private, I guess you need assistant with the license =)
Awesome mod, this makes the game now worth playing! the modder is fantastic! a little sad that the enable/disable feature for the cheats were removed though :(
Excellent mod. Working perfectly. See you in the Arena lol
Awesome mods thx ;)
great mod, great support, quick response, quick update, what more do we need haha
Brilliant work
It works! Better than any of the previous mods out there for this game. I love the ability to turn it off and on within the game.
Very Nice Men
Super Arbeit
great mod thanks
It works perfectly, billion job
excellent merci a vous
Does exactly what it says, and does it well. I love that you can turn the features on and off. Good job on this.
Gr8, workz
Fuck EA, Fuck Capital Games.