The Wolf MOD APK | God Mode | Instant Max Level | All Attributes Max | VIP Enabled

VIP The Wolf MOD APK | God Mode | Instant Max Level | All Attributes Max | VIP Enabled Ver. 1.7.1

The Wolf – Android-Apps auf Google Play

Name: The Wolf
Need OBB: No
Need Root: No
Needs License? Yes! Get your license here

FREE MOD Preview:

*What the MOD do*
Old MOD:
1. Max Health
2. Max Attack
3. Max Defense
4. Max Speed
5. Free Skill Upgrades
6. No Skill Level Lock

Cause the update changed the system I was not able to make the same mod again, BUT, I made it better =D

1. Buy Attributes for free (Max, Health, Attack, Defense, Speed)
2. Max Level Lock for Attributes removed (normally for HP 30k for example)
3. Free Skill Upgrades
4. No Skill Level Lock
5. Fast dying bug of last MOD removed
6. Fast poison death of last MOD removed
7. VIP enabled [NEW]

8. Instant MAX LEVEL (read note!!)
9. God Mode (you cannot hunt NPC monsters with that mod)

1. Install VIP LEVEL MOD first and login.
2. Your account is now set to max level for ever!
3. Don't keep on that MOD cause all players have level 2mio. then.
4. Install the VIP MOD over it
5. Enjoy Max Level + God Mode

Example for REAL Attribute stats:

*How to install*
1. Remove original game
a. if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2. Download modded APK
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)

Google+ login possible? No. The game have no Google+ anyways.
Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.

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