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  1. Help! How to mod Enum ?

    like int
  2. Help! Please help Index was outside the bounds of the array... Help me Thanks

    Metadata protected.Use special dumper.Needs magisk root
  3. PMT FREE MOD Forward Assault Ver. 1.2015 MOD Menu APK | 46 Features! | ESP | Aimbot | Aimbot FOV & Much More |

    UPDATED!!! New Menu Template With Full Customization! Added:Auto Jumping | Friendly Fire | Respawn Player | 3D Boxes | ESP Skeleton | Auto Shooting | Triggerbot | Updated Features:Chams | FOV Check | Above & Beyond | Underground | Removed:ESP Customization :( Important Information: !!!Now...
  4. Solved club cooee

    nod modding question
  5. Solved I am not able to activate the overlay

    Disable "keep original signature" in apk easy tool
  6. Help! Mod Menu

    read the first 2 lines of the lgl menu description and do not ask such questions. All examples are already in the menu.
  7. Help! how mod rhythm games?

    try to search by key words. I can't say anything new :/
  8. Help! how mod rhythm games?

    understood. if you want to make a bot, then I can not help, but if you want to add the amount of experience or currency in the game, then do it according to the tutorial
  9. Help! how mod rhythm games?

    the question is why do you want to do this xd.
  10. Help! How to creat esp mod

    question from 2018 :/

    I had the same problem, you probably installed plugins for .mk files. To fix this delete the folder in c / users / admin / .android (maybe .androidStudio). This will reset the studio to its original settings. And after that never again download these plugins
  12. Bullet Force Modded Lobby Service *PATCHED*

    change the maximum players who can join the server. It will be even more fun

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