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  1. OA Outdated [18+] 小舞來了 (Ch 18+) Ver. 0.0.6 (1.7) MOD APK | Skill | DMG

    anyone have original link of this game?
  2. Help! Bypass AppGuard

    don't try bypass AppGuard, it's will take so much time, maybe few weeks, just find application.quit() method and break it, some game can do with this trick, and find some method like loading (screen,main,gamemanager,...), login,... , edit it in IDA, anything else, it with help you login game and...
  3. Help! I want to inject a mod menu in free fire and I know there is a blank screen, in other games the lgl mod menu works. help

    You need bypass it, and mod apk in free fire always make account banned, maybe you can try change to lua script or mod menu injection, some function it's safe like rain bullet, I use since ob 19 and my account dont ban
  4. Help! Game resources, data images.

    image in game is just in folder android-->data-->"package name" of game --> find in this and replace
  5. Help! Aimbot FreeFire

    Aimbot FF is have in dump.cs, u just dump it and find, but the function of aimbot is encrypt, so this will like this float [email protected]#[email protected]#sdsf, hope u can find this, lol
  6. Tutorial How to make external mod menu in AndLua+ (Intermediate)

    Anyone can tell me how to create mod menu andlua+ with ?,
  7. Tutorial How to make mod menu for il2cpp and native games

    After load menu successfully, my game is crash, what happened T_T, please help

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