1. AOS APP [Tested] [+18] Hendroid v1.14.3

    *Special Features* Hendroid is an ad-free Doujinshi & H-Manga archiving and viewing app. Hendroid is a fork of the popular app Hentoid. It removes all tracking and updating. Free Download: Hidden content
  2. Rejected Request Märchen Nocturne (nutaku)

    Game Name: Märchen Nocturne APK Link: nutaku Cheat Requested: gold,gema,dmg,def.autowin Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes -> GameGuardian
  3. Open Request 神姫 Kamihime Project R (+18) - Android version

    Game Name: 神姫 Kamihime PROJECT R Google Play Store Link: Kamihime PROJECT R - RPG Sex Game | Nutaku (not in playstore, +18) APK Link: MEGA (latest, downloaded directly from Nutaku) Cheat Requested: Unlimited Gem, Unlimited Jewel (or all currency in-game) Have you tried any cheat engines...