1. P

    Tutorial How to Decompile, Compile, and Sign APKs without APK Easy Tool

    Requirements: - ZipSigner: ZipSigner Direct Download -WinRar: WinRar 64bit WinRar 32bit -APK of desired game: Search and Download your APK from here Decompile: - Open APK with WinRar - Copy libil2cpp.so &...
  2. xsong

    Solved Solved

  3. N

    Solved I can't find dlls in Unity Game

    Hi, how can I decrypt or where to find the dll files of this?
  4. A

    Help! 2 Csharp Assemly.dll

    How to mod a game with in this situation: Csharp Assembly inside the apk (tried to mod the apk along with the Csharp Assembly in it = failed) and another Csharp Assembly.dll in apk's data folder(which seems the app follows as its main Csharp Assembly.dll) tried to modify both .dll's, but ...
  5. AndnixSH


    List of all Platinmods Modding Tutorials Featured Tutorial - BASICS ABOUT ANDROID APK MODDING IN GENERAL | LEARN MODDING TODAY FOR FREE! Recommended Tools : Compile / Decompile APK : Modding Tools - APK Easy Tool v1.50 Windows (GUI apktool) Unity Game Modding : Releases · 0xd4d/dnSpy · GitHub...

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