I noticed some people are still going through this problem: -- Fixes -- 1. il2cppdumper files, metadata, and .so file are all in same folder 2. Use il2cppdumper latest version Latest version here 3. Correct unity version How to get unity version 4. Try different...
  2. Facebook login error!!

    Yes, me again, sorry. XD But this is one of the reasons why I wanna root my device. I can't log in in any modded game. I can't unistall the app because it's a factory app. Please, I need your help.... again!
  3. Help! Wrong ip error

    Every mod I try to download keeps saying wrong IP? I attempted to use incognito but that doesn't work either
  4. Help! Error with Assembly-CSharp

    I'm practically new in modifying games, and I had a problem that I hope the experts can solve. The game is called Era of Arcania. I have your Assembly-CSharp already deciphered and modified. The game runs correctly with the modified library, but does not reflect the changes I made. Could this...
  5. Need help error

    Can someone pls help me. I need to remove the title bar. As you can see it shows the name of the game. That bar blocks some of in game details.