1. Tutorial How to check metadata version of Il2Cpp.

    Need to check metadata version? it's very easy. Open global-metadata.dat with any hex editor programs or if you are using Hex Workshop, right click on global-metadata.dat and click Hex Edit with hex Workshop vX.X Look at caret 0x4, this one says 18 which means 24 in decimal, so we know the...
  2. Rejected Request Sengoku Asuka Zero v2.6.5 Global Release

    Game Name: Sengoku Asuka Zero (Global) Game Version: 2.6.5 Google Play Store Link: Sengoku Asuka Zero Google Play Store APK Link: Sengoku Asuka Zero APKPure Link Cheat Requested:Stats x5 Atk, HP, or x5/x10 stat, God Mode (HP does not drop), high Def, EX skill always usable in battle (?)...
  3. Rejected Request Grand Summoners 1.0.3 (Global) UPDATED

    Game Name: Grand Summoners Game Version: 1.0.3 Google Play Store Link: Store Link APK Link: APKPure Cheat Requested 0 Energy Costs on Quests and Exploring Instant Arts Daily always open Explore no key cost Have you tried any cheat engines?: LuckyPatcher GameGuardian
  4. Rejected Request Seven Knights

    Game Name: Seven Knights Game Version: 2.8.00 Google Play Store Link: HERE APK Link: HERE Cheat Requested: - God Mode - High Attack - Unlimited Ruby (Currency), This will be a nice one, but just skip it if it can't be done. Have you tried any cheat engines?: no, i can't. Thank you.