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  1. Tutorial How to install signed apk on top of original apk (Workaround) (Rooted device/VMOS)

    If you can't install unsigned apk for unknown reason even you patched 3 signature checks, you can install signed apk on top of original apk to keep your save data intact So this is simple step: Don't uninstall the original game and install signed APK straight forward Your save data will be...
  2. Tutorial How to disable signature verification to install unsigned APK using Lucky Patcher (Xposed method)

    If you have root and Xposed or EdXposed installed, you can use Xposed option to disable signature check Else, you can follow normal way without Xposed/EdXposed/LSPosed...
  3. Help! Patched to android

    Hi just want to ask why still cant install all unsigned apk? My phone is already rooted and patched im on android 8.0.0
  4. Tool Jasi Patcher (Alternative of Lucky Patcher)

    JASI PATCHER is an automated patching tool for android intended to bypass restrictions in the apps & games, it includes custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools and utilities. DOWNLOAD FEATURES...
  5. Help! Hide or unprotect games against Lucky Patcher

    Hi all guys, I need know how hide or unprotect games that closing for detect Lucky Patcher or another app hack. This mensagem error is same "Closing game for detect violation security". I'm to trying install a Ultra Fighters Mod Unsined, but I could not install the original version because...
  6. Rejected Request Grand Summoners 1.0.3 (Global) UPDATED

    Game Name: Grand Summoners Game Version: 1.0.3 Google Play Store Link: Store Link APK Link: APKPure Cheat Requested 0 Energy Costs on Quests and Exploring Instant Arts Daily always open Explore no key cost Have you tried any cheat engines?: LuckyPatcher GameGuardian
  7. Open Request Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up

    Game Name: Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up Game Version: 1.16.2 Google Play Store Link: Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up – Android-Apps auf Google Play APK Link: Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up APK Download - Free Simulation GAME for Android | Cheat Requested...
  8. Tutorial How to disable signature verification to install unsigned APK using Lucky Patcher (Rooted device/Emulator/VM app)

    Can't login with your Google+ on modded games? Really need to uninstall Facebook? NO PROBLEM. Today, I will show you how to patch signature, so you can install any UNSIGNED modded apk. This is usally for rooted devices only but non-rooted devices can use any Virtual Machine apps which can be...

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