1. Rejected Request Adventure Legends M

    Game Name: Adventure Legends M Google Play Store Link: APK Link: Cheat Requested: God mode, high damage, VIP Have you tried any cheat engines?: No -> Not...
  2. Open Request PokeOne

    Game Name: PokeOne Google Play Store Link: dont have APK Link: MEGA Cheat Requested: anything possible and add a d-pad Have you tried any cheat engines?: No -> because idk how to use and almost of them like game Guardian is ONLY visual
  3. Open Request LifeAfter 明日之后

    Game Name: LifeAfter 明日之后 Game Version: 1.0.152 Google Play Store Link: LifeAfter – Apps no Google Play APK Link: Getting Started in LifeAfter Cheat Requested: Infinite Resources Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes, GameKiller, GameGuardian, SBGameHacker, Freedom, CreeHack, LuckyPatcher