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  1. A

    Open Request Summoners Adventure

    Game Name: Summoners Adventure Game Version: v3.4.62 Google Play Store Link: Another link: 暴龙 Cheat Requested: god mode or high dmg Or any thing Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes, but it wont work at all.. im use SB, game...
  2. Songshen

    Open Request Tycoon Casinoo Mod Pls

    Game Name: Tycoon Casino™: Free Vegas Jackpot Slots Game Version: 1.1.29 Google Play Store Link: APK Link: 大富豪赌场-免费经典老虎机游戏安卓下载,安卓版APK | 免费下载 (you can find all APKs on Cheat Requested: coins Have...
  3. V

    Open Request Batlle Legion Mod Apk

    Game Name: Battle Legion (unreleased) Game Version: 0.4.2 Google Play Store Link: APK LINK : Battle Legion (Unreleased) for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: Mod Menu God Mode High Damage Anti Ban if possible...
  4. Dyaz1401

    Open Request ファントムミラー

    Game Name: ファントムミラー Game Version: xl Google Play Store Link: PASTE_LINK_HERE APK Link: ファントムミラー for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: x100 dame, god mode, mod menu Have you tried any cheat engines?: GAMKILLER
  5. L

    Open Request Lineage 2: Revolution V1.08.14 MOD

    Game Name: Lineage 2: Revolution Game Version: 1.08.14 Google Play Store Link: APK Link: Baixar Lineage 2: Revolution recente 1.08.14 Android APK (you can find all APKs on Cheat Requested: Topaz, Diamonds...
  6. Baykuşlar

    Open Request Dragon Revolt Mod

    Game Name: Dragon Revolt Game Version: 3.3 Google Play Store Link: APK Link: Dragon Revolt for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: Damage Multiplier ( Max 20 or 50 )
  7. eju3487

    Open Request Pixel monster - house mod

    Game Name: pixel monster - house Game Version: Latest version (Currently 2.2.784 version) Google Play Store Link:하우스&pcampaignid=APPU_1_aILBW9u4EoqA8gX4qZ-YBA APK Link: Pixel Monster for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: Hgem unlimited Payment...
  8. selfish

    Open Request Clash of Trainer (unreleased)

    Game Name: Clash of Trainer (unreleased) Game Version: 21.0.5 Google Play Store Link: - APK Link: - Cheat Requested: Diamond hack Have you tried any cheat engines?: Don't work
  9. I

    Open Request PIXEL GUN 3D

    Game Name: xxxxx Game Version: xxxxx Google Play Store Link: xxxxx APK Link: you can find all APKs on Cheat Requested: If you're requesting for a currency hack, please mention EXACTLY what the currency in the game is called. (gold, gems, etc) Have you tried any cheat...
  10. GameModZ

    Not Working Identity V v1.0.144431 MEGA MOD [NO ROOT]

    Playstore Link: Identity V Name: Identity V Version: 1.0.144431 Need OBB: No Need Root: No *What the MOD do* 1. Unlimited Money 2. Invisible Mode Credit to: GameModZ Free Download: Hidden content ______________________________________ If credits are unknown or incorrect and you are the...
  11. Albert Liwanag

    Open Request Futurama : Worlds of Tomorrow

    Game Name: Futurama : Worlds Of Tommorow Game Version: 1.6.4 Google Play Store Link...
  12. D

    Not Working GTA 5 v1.9 (Los Angeles Crimes) - NPC CHEAT CODES,PUNCHING & MORE

    Name: GTA 5 (Los Angeles Crimes) Version: 1.9 Need Obb: No Need Root: No Mod Features: -NPC cheat Codes What's New? -Punching -New loading Screen -Taunting people -Swearing while shooting -Vehicle color & shading changed -NPC cheat codes "19990" (max 5 npcs at the same time) How to install...
  13. Mika Cybertron

    Modding Tutorials [Beginner / Medium / Advanced] by Mika Cybertron with Videos & Support [PAID]

    Tutorial For Android Games by Mika Cybertron Info: - With This Tutorial You Can Learn Easily How To Make Android Games Mod - in My Package you just need to know which code works and what you need to edit to make it work. - Support For DLLs File, and Some SO Files Advanced Modder Only...

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