1. AndnixSH

    Tutorial How to modify .csv files using Notepad++ (csv based game)

    Note: This is old tutorial, 25 December 2015 Hello dear community, I will show you how to edit .csv files using Notepad++. It is very easy to mod. First of all, you need: Notepad++ installed on your computer. Download it from here: WinRAR installed on...
  2. A

    Help! 2 Csharp Assemly.dll

    How to mod a game with in this situation: Csharp Assembly inside the apk (tried to mod the apk along with the Csharp Assembly in it = failed) and another Csharp Assembly.dll in apk's data folder(which seems the app follows as its main Csharp Assembly.dll) tried to modify both .dll's, but ...
  3. Alex Zander

    Tutorial How To Hack Using IDA (Mega Tutorial)

    ✻ Requirements IDA (demo works fine) Hex Editor ARM-to-Hex Converter Cracked App Binary ✻ ARM Architecture I assume you already know how to crack an app and get the binary into IDA with the proper settings. The programming language that we'll be working with is called ARM. Each line is...