1. Rejected Request Märchen Nocturne (nutaku)

    Game Name: Märchen Nocturne APK Link: nutaku Cheat Requested: gold,gema,dmg,def.autowin Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes -> GameGuardian
  2. Rejected Request Rumblade - EN (Nutaku R.18+)

    Game Name: Rumblade Google Play Store Link: No Play Store Link APK Link: Rumblade - RPG Sex Game | Nutaku Cheat Requested: Auto Win, Demage Multiplier, Deffense Multiplier, etc that can be hack Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes -> Which one? [Cheat Engine and GameGuardian, I tried...
  3. Open Request 神姫 Kamihime Project R (+18) - Android version

    Game Name: 神姫 Kamihime PROJECT R Google Play Store Link: Kamihime PROJECT R - RPG Sex Game | Nutaku (not in playstore, +18) APK Link: MEGA (latest, downloaded directly from Nutaku) Cheat Requested: Unlimited Gem, Unlimited Jewel (or all currency in-game) Have you tried any cheat engines...
  4. Rejected Request Non Stop Goddess(+18 Nutaku)

    Game Name: Non Stop Goddess Game Version: 1.0.6 Google Play Store Link: None, it's a Nutaku Game APK Link: Non Stop Goddess - Action Adventure Sex Game | Nutaku Cheat Requested: High Damage and Defense. Have you tried any cheat engines?: GameKiller, GameGuardian, SBGameHacker, Freedom...
  5. Open Request PLS APPROVE Sacred Sword Princesses

    Game Name: Sacred Sword Princesses Game Version: 1.4 Google Play Store Link: not found in google play store only in nutaku downloadable APK Link: Sacred Sword Princesses - Action RPG Sex Game | Nutaku Cheat Requested: Weak enemies. if possible, coins and diamond too :) Have you tried any...

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