1. U

    Open Request Dengeki Bunko:Crossing Void《电击文库:零境交错》

    Game Name: 电击文库:零境交错 Game Version: xxxxx Google Play Store Link: Mainland China game Official site: 《电击文库:零境交错》官方网站 - 腾讯游戏 APK Link: 电击文库:零境交错 Cheat Requested: Remove/Disable all "Unsupported Device" pop-ups or Device Checks before Title screen(Important),Insta-Win(0-Hit K.O.), 1 Hit K.O...
  2. Deus_Ultima

    Open Request Sega Pocket Club Manager

    Game Name: Sega Pocket Club Manager Game Version: 1.04 Google Play Store Link:
  3. U

    Open Request Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

    Game Name:Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Game Version:1.4.1 Google Play Store Link:Sonic Forces: Speed Battle – „Android“ programos „Google Play“ APK Link:Sonic Forces: Speed Battle APK Download - Free Adventure GAME for Android | Cheat Requested:When hit to obsticale don't drop...
  4. K

    Open Request Sonic Runners

    Game Name:Sonic Runners Game Version:2.0.3 Google Play Store Link: APK Link:Download Sonic Runners 2.0.3 APK | Cheat Requested:Private server Have you tried any cheat engines?:Y.