shinobi master

  1. Open Request Shinobi Master-Senran Kagura NEW LINK[シノマス]「DMM version」

    Game Name: シノマス Game Version: 2.1.0 DMM Link: DMM GAMES版 『シノビマスター 閃乱カグラ NEW LINK』【シノマス】 公式サイト APK Link: com.dmm.dmmgames.emulator.shinomas.apk Cheat Requested: version 1:Incresed Damage,Godmode,Skill/Unltimate Always Ready; version 2:One-Hit Kill,God-mode Have you tried any cheat engines...
  2. Open Request Shinobi Master-Senran Kagura(シノビマスター 閃乱カグラ) NEW LINK

    Game Name: シノマス Game Version: 2.0.5 iTunes Appstore Link: ‎シノビマスター 閃乱カグラ NEW LINK Cheat Requested: God-Mode,Insta-kill,special ultimate always ready,MAX luck,Max damage(would need seperate version /w and without MAX damage) Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes