summernos war mod

  1. Summoners War Mod Tips

    For players who have trouble with getting accounts banned i will offer advice based on experiance. At level 15 you can do the following with no ban climb to toa40/toah30.You can do all scenario on normal. When doing toa/toah do not complete stages too fast. Level 25 you can do toa50/toah40, you...
  2. Guild of modders! (Global)

    A summoners war guild for modders - everyone and anyone is welcome, no level restriction and we will all help each other to make the most of the game and mod. And we will help not get banned lol so please join us :face28: Pm me here with your ign :face07:
  3. Für alle Summernos War modder

    Hallo ich wollte nur fragen wer hat schon Turm der Prüfung stage 100 gemacht mit dem mod ? Wer es hat ohne gebannt zu werden bitte sagt mir Bescheid