Battle of Warship Mods Tutorial Tips and Tricks

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Approved Modder
Approved Modder
Aug 15, 2017

Name : Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz
Version : 1.66.11

Need Root Access : Yes

What you looking in this thread?
Yes you're looking how to Injection an Account that have Unlimited Resource right?

But is only for
Rooted Devices

A specification account that can be Injection in Future version is
Can Save Progress in Google Play : Yes
Can Use Unique Ship : Yes

Can Use All Ship : Yes / No
Can Use Pirate Flags : Yes
Can Use Signal Victor : Yes
Can Use Unique Camouflage : Yes
Unlimited Dollars : Yes / No
Unlimited Gold : Yes / No
Unlimited Platinum : Yes / No

Before this, Make sure your Game have been Backup first.
Okay, Let's start the injection

1.You need an older Mods version by Me that not build in version 1.66.11
2.You can get in Outdated Section (be sure dont use Other Site Version) or you can contact mods Creator. For create great mods (but unsure for this solution)
3.If you already have old mod that can save progress in Play Games you can Start in Fresh Account)

Note : This thread will be continue after mod creator have finished work
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