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Mar 29, 2017
yes it require a number of villager as requirement but those villager will not be used to upgrade a building. the villager only will be used on expeditions and studying in univercity.
i hope @Yeowang can do something about it on next update. but i prefer the saver mod for this game bc to make this town grow bigger is not easy and also not instant like a private server. glad my war tactic as good as the town grow
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Jul 12, 2017
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@Yeowang Apparently"0 villagers needed for task" doesn't work anymore as It reduces it when I do research or build something and won't let me do any of it if I lack them. Can you check it to see If it's just my issue or they patched it? :/
This function sadly isn't currently working for research and if you lack the villagers asked for the tasks it'll not work (for example the task need 4 and you've only 3 available) even when it counts 0 when doing tasks you still need the necessary amount to active the task. This is one of the things i'll try to fix on next update.

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