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Jan 16, 2018
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EZ Offset Grabber

Are you guys tired of updating your mods every time a game updates? Doesn't it get quite annoying having to search up the new offsets for each and one of your functions? Well I have a solution for you. @Yuuki Kuroyama and I have created a new program for you to use which will allow you to grab offsets for any function you want in just a click of a button! It is that simple. A voice tutorial may come eventually if you guys really can't get this to work.

#.) Disable antivirus. No there is no damn virus. Just do it lol.
1.) Create a new file with the extension '.pm'. To do this, create a new text file, and save as '.pm' with the file type being 'All Files'. Some common sense stuff right?
2.) Get the class name that parents the function you modify. Let's say I am modding Forward Assault to modify ammo. The function I modify is get_ammoPerMagazine. The class for this is Weapons. You will simply type in this format: Class.Function, so the ammo would look like this: Weapons.get_ammoPerMagazine. You do not need any (), parameters, etc. Just simply type the class, then a period, then your function name. Simply add another for more search results :D
2a.) Example PM File Contents:

Save and close.
3.) Load the list you just created in steps 1 and 2.
4.) Load the dump you have for your given game.
5.) Press begin search, and wellah! All of your offsets are printed out for you. 'EZ' enough for you right?
6.) Enjoy!

Video Tutorial:


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