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Hey dear Platinians!

From time to time we receive messages from people asking us how to use mods correctly, how to avoid bans and even people asking if its generally risky to use mods. We would like to answer these questions as good as we can before you even need to ask.

Is it risky to use mods?

We always try to make the mods as safe as possible.
But while trying to make the mods not being auto-detection is our job, to use it responsible and smart is your job!
You have to understand, that you are acting against the ToS (Terms of Services) of the game. You are cheating. If you get caught using mods your account most likely gonna be suspended. It depends there on the GameMasters/Developers if they ban you for a certain amount of time or permanently. Often you get the first ban between 1 day and 1 week and it increases each time you get caught again.
If you are not ready to take the risk of being banned, you should avoid using mods. Something like "anti-ban" on online games does not really exists. People promising that without any detailed information are not saying the full truth or not being aware of the facts. Either the game is offline (then it is possible) or the "anti-ban" is just working as long as you use the mod. But you will never be able to return to the original game. Because the account is banned on the game server, the mod just can sometimes (depending on the game) make you being able to continue to play with a banned account.
The only way to guarantee 100% no ban chance is by telling you to use the original game.

What do you advise to avoid being banned?

Let's assume just the fact of using a mod has a ban risk of 1%. Then you are the person which decides if the risk keeps at 1% or increase to 99%. It depends on how you use the mod!

Here are some basic rules you should follow:

1. Avoid content with other real players (for example: PvP, Guild-Fights, Arenas) - other real human means intelligent opponent.

->They will report you if your win doesn't makes sense to them. Sometimes they even report you just for not accepting to loose. While normal players do not need to fear false reports as a mod user even those reports might break your neck. As soon as a GameMaster checks your records you are most likely doomed.
If you really really want to use a mod on PvP content, then do it at least smart. Don't try to win with a bad team against a top team. Use low multipliers. Make it not instantly noticeable when being reviewed by a GameMaster that you are using mods. If you for example use a low defense multiplier like x2-x3 but no damage, it gonna be very hard for a GameMaster to find unusual records. You still might be banned if you are unlucky tho.

2. Avoid content with rankings or leader boards.

-> This is even riskier then PvP. Because it does not even need a report to catch you. Every single human gonna see you are being on top ranking or leader board with a team which shouldn't be possible. This is kind of the same as asking for ban yourself with a personal letter to the developer.

3. Avoid watched/tracked special content (for example events).

-> These contents are often checked by GameMasters for unusual activity as the prices are sometimes very special for finishing them. If you use mods there, follow the advises of PvP. Always try to make it looks natural.

4. Never start using a mod the first time with your main account!

-> If you start using a mod for the first time, learn first how to use it with a dummy account. Learn what you can do and what you cannot do. If it gets banned - who cares? (but do not abuse it hardcore, you might trigger a ban wave with others doing the same). After making your experience and being sure about the decision, you are free to take the risk to your main account.

I got banned .... What can I do?

Not much. You played Poker, you lost. Forget about it and move on. It is not promising to contact the game support. They banned you for cheating, they will check the records and see again that you was cheating.
Depending on the game, you might be able to create a new account the hard way or the easy way. It depends on what the game is checking/storing:

Device ID:
If the device ID is used by the game to store your account then you cannot make a new account without changing the device ID. On rooted devices there are apps can change it. On normal devices only a full factory reset gonna change the ID. Backup your personal files first.

Social Media:
Let's take as example Facebook. Sometimes a game really stores the data on Facebook, sometimes it just uses Facebook as a link. Is the data really stored on Facebook, then you can create a new account by deleting the game from your Facebook login/game list and wait around 24 hours. If Facebook is just used as a link then you need to open another social media account to connect a new account.
Some games do use social media as link, but do allow you to overwrite the account. Lets say you have a banned account connected to your Facebook. Then you make a new one and you try to connect again to the same Facebook. The game might tell you that there is already another account and if you want to overwrite it or to load the existing account. In that case you can overwrite the banned account and go on.

Google Play:
Beside the fact that you need a rooted and patched device to login on mods with Google Play, here the rules fully depend on the game. There is no option between using Google as a storage or as a link. It is always a link. That means you can only use the same Google account for a new account if the game allows you to overwrite the old account.

The easy way:
Often games do not care and do not check for anything. In that case you simply delete the game, install the game again and you can make a new account without any problem. Additional they might be so nice to allow you to overwrite account storage such as Facebook or Google Play. This is always the first thing to try to avoid going the hard way where you don't need to.

Important Fact:
Last but not least. Sometimes the mod is safe when it was released but then a ban wave starts because too many people abused the mod and the devs started to auto-detect it. That can happen. It is advisable to check for the mod post you have downloaded the mod from whenever you have the chance for people shooting out warnings in the comments. If single people report they got banned then most likely it is because they didn't followed the advises above. You can ignore them, just do it better then them. But if a mass of people started to report a ban, then it is most likely a ban wave.
In the case of ban wave: Switch instantly back to the original game and play natural. Try to act like you have nothing to do with mods and wait the modder to announce that he/she has bypassed the detection.

That's so far the most important information. May you always be protected from the bad luck of being banned soldiers!

~Your Platinmods Team~
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