AOS APP [Tested] Fast Movies v1.5.0 [Mod]


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Apr 4, 2019

Fast Movies Apk is a basic and no-frills movie app and is best used with a smartphone but it should work with all types of android boxes too. The app doesn’t offer many features but is a nice solution to watch movies and is fast. The apk has old and new movies and can be found easily with the built-in search.

When you press the watch now button Fast Movies Apk has its own player but does provide you to use the vlc player or the mpv player and at the very end is open with which allows us to use our own players such as MX PLAYER or WUFFY PLAYER. This is helpful for people that prefer to use your own player support.

-1005 Free to use and no need to log in or provide any details.
-Has an open with to use a custom player, so need for an external player.
-A built-in player that works well.
-Small file size under 4mb to make it quicker to download.

What's New:
Version 1.5.0

Tested On Gen2FS, Gen3FS, 6,7 & 8 Phones
Firestick Users Require Mouse Toggle
Set Orientation 1.1.4 To Automatic(full) On Firestick For Proper View
Mouse Toggle On To Scroll & Select
Mouse Toggle Off To Exit

Official App Unusable On Phone, Therefore Mod Will Have Same Issues
Plays Continuous Background Audio & Crashes When Try To Exit
Audio Continues After Exit Or Crash On Phone

Mod Details By Hifi
Added exit button
Analytics disabled

Free Download:
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