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May 26, 2024
At this point, I'm thinking of saying "fuck it" and just playing low-key until this all blows over.
While there is a House Pride I play the game, I just make sure to not get any house points. For example in special adventures there are some where you don't get points, in those adventures it is safe to play without being part of the event.

There is a website called Hogwarts Cafe, in there I do a quick observation of possible house points in adventures, story or side quests and make sure that I do not win any points at all.

It may sound tedious but it isn't at all, for me at least.


Solid & Active Platinian
Mar 17, 2024
Otro Full Marks, lunes 15 de julio de 2024 a las 17:00 h - domingo 21 de julio de 2024 a las 17:00 h. Definitivamente parece intencional en este punto eliminar a los usuarios moderadores.
No te lo puedo creer hermano, al final pasó lo que dije en broma y que no quería que pasara, que fuera un mes más de evento multijugador, mierda.
Sé que dijeron que pasó algo similar cuando salió Beyond también, pero el caso es que en estos 2 meses literalmente han retrasado mucho el avance, yo que empecé desde el principio el mes pasado todavía no puedo ni terminar el año 2 XD, que es uno de los años más cortos 💀💀💀.
Me gustaría pensar que será la última, esta vez sí, pero ya lo he pensado como 3 veces, gente de aquí también, pero solo hay que esperar y ver qué pasa, pero seguramente vendrá otro evento más adelante hasta finales de mes.
Si estos eventos continúan el próximo mes, me tomaré un descanso y no le prestaré atención hasta que se pueda jugar normalmente :(


Sep 3, 2023
Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. First of all thanks to G-Bo for another fast update, if only JC stopped bombarding us with pvp events it would be more enjoyable. But anyway, I wanted to give y'all a little heads up regarding this update. So I noticed that on settings there's now a "do not sell or share my personal information" tab, that's not what I wanted to bring to your attention though, while I was checking that I noticed that my game was no longer linked to my FB account. I had to uninstall it and log back in with the method that @waffleman333333 and I posted a while ago (it still works for me btw, no idea why it doesn't for others). My point is, after you install the update check that your game is still linked to your FB account; hopefully it is and I was just unlucky, but if it isn't you'll have to log back in with the 5.2.2 method.
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