How To Grant Restricted Permissions On Android 15+ (Example: Overlay/Appear On Top)

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Mar 22, 2017
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Dear Platinians,

with Android 15+ there will be a major change in the permission management of apps.
Some permissions which will be required for mods to run properly, will be marked as restricted and cannot be granted out of the box anymore as you are used to.

One of the permissions which are effected is the overlay permission. This is the "appear on top" permission which is needed to be granted in order to display mod menus.
Mod menus are displayed on "top" of the game, otherwise you could not open and use them while playing.

Android 15+ seems to not like that permission anymore and will try to make it harder for you to grant it.

However, the process is fairly easy.

1. Try to grant the overlay/appear on top permission. It will show a warning, that the permission is restricted.
2. Close the window and open the app info of the game you are targeting.
3. Go on top and click the 3 dots, then press "Allow restricted settings".
4. Go back to the overlay/appear on top permission and now you can grant it fine.

The "Allow restricted settings" option will only show, if you first tried to grant it and got the warning.
You are not able to grant it "preventive". Fail first to unlock the option.

Here you can see the process as video presentation on Android 15:

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