Tutorial How to use GameGuardian without root in Virtual space app (with video tutorials)


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Jun 27, 2017
Hello dear Cheaters,

Since feburary 2018, GameGuardian have the ability to hack games on non-root device only if GG and game are running inside virtual space app, such as VirtualXposed, Parallel Space and Lite version, GO multiple etc. Functionality of GG and apps/games may be limited like you can't purchase items in-game, game won't launch. Root your device or use Emulator if you don't like limited functionality.

So let's get started.

Are you looking for video tutorials? Here they are:

If you prefer text tutorial, read below.

Installing GameGuardian:
Download latest version of GameGuardian: GameGuardian

The browser may ask you to open the APK file. Open it and install it.

Launch GG, the GG performs a reinstallation of itself with a random name to prevent detection by the games. Wait until the installation prompt pops up

Install GG with random name and launch it.


A dialog box appear telling you to uninstall the installer. Uninstall it to prevent detection


Installing virtual space app:

You don't launch GG outside virtual space apps. If you launch GG again SW (Software) or HW (Hardware), you will get this prompt


And if you select "no root", you will get a dialog prompt (screenshow below)


Click OK and you will be directed to the GG page of list of virtual space apps.

I can bring the list here. Pick one of app you want to download and install.

Best choice (no error 105)!
Requires Android:
Android 5.0 / Lollipop or later.
Official version: android-hacker/VirtualXposed
Optimized version (no error 105): VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76)

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts
Requires Android:
Android 4.0.3-4 / Ice Cream Sandwich MR1 or later.
Official version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lbe.parallel.intl&hl=en
Optimized version (no error 105): Parallel Space-Multi Accounts (#b3xbnud9)

Parallel Space Lite-Dual App
Requires Android:
Android 4.0.3-4 / Ice Cream Sandwich MR1 or later.
Official version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.parallel.space.lite
Optimized version (no error 105): Parallel Space Lite-Dual App (#7zcw85ko)

GO Multiple (x86 is supported)
Requires Android:
Android 4.0.0-2 / Ice Cream Sandwich or later.
Official version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jiubang.commerce.gomultiple&hl=en
Optimized version (no error 105): GO Multiple (#1o0qv50n)

2Face - Multi Accounts
Requires Android:
Android 4.2.x / Jelly Bean MR1 or later.
Official version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cmcm.multiaccount
Optimized version (no error 105): 2Face - Multi Accounts (#d9nfq06v)

You can use other virtual spaces, but there may be a 105 error. These virtual spaces are used most often and for them there are optimized versions, so we recommended using them.

Cloning apps to Parallel Space
In this example, I'll use Play store version of Parallel Space on Memu Emulator, based on Android x86 5.1.1 because it works fine for me.

I have disabled root access just to make this tutorial :P


For first time, you see this screen. Just add some apps.


Then you can add your favorite apps



Hacking games in Parallel Space
Launch GG, click on Start button on the corner. The floating GG icon will appear on the screen. Launch your favorite game to hack.

Open GG and select process. You see process list like that because it's running inside virtual space app.


Hack the same way like you did on rooted device. If you are using GG for first time, read some online tutorials to get started.


There is no support here and will never be since I don't use GG on non-rooted. If you need help, you better ask original author of gameguardian.net for help

AndnixSH# (This tutorial)
Enyby (Creator of GameGuardian and video tutorials)
Developers of virtual space apps
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Jun 27, 2017
Ask, i use gg for free fire, and o use pararel space, game guardian can't read games free fire, how?
Use other spaces or use optimized version. It might help
Remember, there is no support here because I don't use GG on non-root device. Ask the original author of GameGuardian for help

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