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Jan 16, 2018
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Name: Maskgun
Version: v2.2161
Need OBB: No
Need Root: No
Credits: Liquified
Online Team Based PvP with Easy Controls ! Fast Gripping Action !

MaskGun is a real-time online Multiplayer 3D First Person Shooter built for Mobile Devices

► Simple and Easy to Learn Controls: Learn quickly as you get started, Progress and dominate the leaderboards!
► Skill based PVP Battles : 3 Game modes - DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Bomb Defusal Mode. Five new Maps including Diwali Yard, Ryokan, GhostTown and LightHouse
► Real Time Friends System: Play with Your Friends when they are online, Join your friends in Battle in one click.
► Missions and Achievements: Complete missions and achievements to Level Up and Unlock content. Get VIP to boost rewards and progression
► Player Gear Customization: Customize your character using a variety of equipment, masks, armor and gear. Use a game loadout suitable to your play style.
► Beautiful graphics and supports all older devices: Enjoy beautiful visuals on screen on even older hardware. Small download footprint.
► Free to Play: Play as much as you want, no energy system
► Updated regularly: New Content and Modes, Maps being added every month to ensure that you are engaged, Endless PvP action.
► Global Clan Competitions: Participate in Clan Events with players worldwide. Can your clan dominate and be competitive with globally playing clans.

MaskGun is a competitive multiplayer FPS with great 3D graphics and gripping gameplay. It has simple to learn controls, but still skill based with its competitive gameplay and close battles.

Praise for MaskGun
► Winner - Nasscom GDC Studio Game of the Year - 2016
“One game that I saw that is going to do exceptionally well in our community is MaskGun”
– Eli Hodapp, Editor - TouchArcade, Podcast
“I quite like the first person shooter with the Masks. That was my favorite Game. It seemed so slick and so well done. ”
– PocketGamer PodCast

Custom Game Engine
Game now plays well with all Devices including devices with smaller app size and memory footprint.
Low Battery consumption
Watch the preview video now to see real gameplay of 5-vs-5 multiplayer battles.
(Yeah, it really looks like the screenshots.)

Thanks for your awesome response and feedback.
Keep those comments coming and send us an email to [email protected]

MaskGun ® is a registered trademark of June Gaming Pvt Ltd since 2015.

*Notes / Must Read*
1.) This will be free for some time!
2.) Watch activation tutorial!
3.) If you are getting an error, do not tell me without any logs and expect me to be able to fix it. In the following format, send me the error, in private message, you are receiving as well as your system information. Note that there is a compatibility issue on some 8.1+ devices as this is a v7a mod only. This is confirmed to be working on NOX emulator. This is I am assuming since you made it this far, that you followed the first 2 steps already.
4.) Please reply leaving some feedback!
5.) Press title to close menu.
6.) If you close the game from the app drawer, you need to force close it in order to use the mods again.

PM Format:
Android Version: ###
Model Type: ###
Log Error Screenshot
Does Menu Show Before Crash?: y/n

*What the MOD do*
1. Mod Menu ~ 14 Modifications
--- a. Infinite Ammo
--- b. Rapid Fire
--- c. Instant Kill
--- d. Player HUD Info
--- e. Heal Up
--- f. Plant Bomb (Use during countdown to move before anyone else can. It will not plant during the countdown.)
--- g. Defuse Bomb
--- h. Access Buy Menu (Defuse Only)
--- i. Super Speed
--- j. Spam Chat
--- k. No Recoil
--- l. Max Range
--- m. Field of View
--- n. Custom Crosshair

*Video Gameplay*

*Activation Tutorial*

*Free Download*

UPDATED, check: Maskgun v2.217 Mod Menu *Super Speed, Rapid Fire, & More!* - EXCLUSIVE ANDROID MODS BY PMT - PMT FREE MOD


*How to install MODs*

1. Remove original game
a. if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2. Download modded APK
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)

Google+ login possible? No.
Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.
1. Your device must be rooted.
2. Your device must be full patched. How to? Read:
Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games
3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4..
4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version (don't remove the original game).

Google+ login possible? Yes.
Facebook login possible? Yes.
Specific Game Account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.
Way 1 (no root):
1.) Install playstore version and download OBB files ingame
2.) Go to Android/OBB folder on your device and rename game OBB with additional "x" or something
3.) Remove playstore version
4.) Install mod APK
5.) Go to Android/OBB and remove the added "x" from game data
6.) Enjoy
Or watch: Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How to do the OBB Trick (no root) | OBB Installation Guide

Way 2 (root & no-root):
1.) Download OBB files
2.) Download mod APK
3.) Move OBB Files to Android/OBB folder in your device
4.) Install mod APK
5.) Enjoy

Way 3 (root):
Install the MOD over the Playstore-Version after you downloaded the OBBs ingame with the PS-Version.
Follow this patch Guide: Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games

Tutorial - Why you should root + patch your device?
Tutorial - How to overwrite/update a MOD with NOX Emulator
Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How to sign up and download on www.platinmods.com
Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How to do the OBB Trick (no root) | OBB Installation Guide
Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games
Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How To Install OBB Files On Modded Games (root)
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@Liquified Bro, could you ask me a question??
Its possible to mod games like Creative Destruction? Free fire ? Pubg? Or only script???
I really want a mod for Creative Destruction but seems like its impossible to mod. No one do this.

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