Help! Modding dialogue and other hard-to-find code

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Jun 18, 2022
Las Vegas
So I'm modding inotia 3. It's an RPG. I managed to hack weapon damage to an absurdly high number using IDA.

But what about more complex and nuanced things that don't have function names in IDA? What about dialogue, for example? How would I edit specific cutscenes?

I know that it's at least possible, since any APK file of an offline game can be completely modified in any conceivable way. But what am I supposed to use in order to find the ACTUAL code of the game? It should be stored in the lib file as well, but I'm afraid IDA just doesn't seem to cut it for more complex edits. Either that, or there's a feature I don't know about.

(1) For example, let's assume a developer is smart and obfuscates their function names, renaming the damage function, for example, to random text. How would one find it then?

(2) How would somebody make more complex edits to an APK file? Edits such as modifying the multipliers of each skill to balance the game more and changing the individual names or properties of items

For reference:
Download Inotia3: Children of Carnia APK Full |

Pretty sure game scripts are stored in this file. None of the dex files contain anything particularly noteworthy.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can either answer these questions in an articulate fashion or point me towards a post that answers them.


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Approved iModder
Mar 26, 2021
(Shit you probably already know)
You cant get the full code of the game back after it has been compiled into a lib. If it is a Unity, Unreal Engine or Cocos game then you can dump the method names and maybe find things that trigger cutscenes and sounds, you would need to hook them in LGL's menu for example, or your own menu or custom library with no menu if you dont use a template.

(Editing game assets (unity))
I am assuming this game is Unity so i will explain it for unity. If you are talking about editing the sounds and cutscenes themselves then you have to edit the game assets. You can usually find them either in the assets folder in the apk or the obb if it has one. The assets usually have a string of numbers and letters for names and can also have files called sharedAssets. You need to use AssetStudio from github to view the textures and listen to the sounds. You use UnityAssetBundleExtractor to then import them into the game. You can find a few youtube tutorials on how to use these tools

(Question 1)
For obfuscated names you can try to find an older unobfuscated version of the game to use as a reference. However if there arent, you just have to really guess and experiment.

(Question 2)
For individual skills, I am not entirely sure how this game works, but you can try looking for methods that handle each individual skill. However if the game assigned all of the stats of the skills through one script that handles all of them then im not really sure how you would edit individual skills.

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