PM Injector PM Injector 金色琴弦 星光交響樂團 Ver. 1.1.3 Injector MOD | ARM64 | AUDIENCE MAX HEART


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Oct 28, 2020

Playstore Link: 金色琴弦 星光交響樂團 - Apps on Google Play

Game Name: 金色琴弦 星光交響樂團
Game Version: 1.1.3
Needs OBB: No
Works for rooted and non-rooted devices, but non-rooted devices require to install Virtual Space or VMOS in order to make this mod work.

*MOD Features*


*How to Use*
1. Download the PM Injector App from the official Platinmods post: Click here
2. Install the PM Injector App.
3. Open the App and grant root, storage and overlay permissions.
4. Browse the Injector App section to find the games supported and download the original APK to the game.
5. Install the App and please make sure you use the files provided by the Modder such as APK and if needed OBB files.
6. Open/Run your App until you reach the loading/home screen.
7. Go back to the PM Injector and search the game name of this post in the PM Injector App.
8. Now click the button "Attach to App" to target your App.
9. Then click the button "Start Menu" to make Menu Injector appear.
10. Now go back to your App and enjoy!

*Important Notes*
1. If you are done or want to stop playing the game, then please make sure to TURN OFF all those cheats/mods you had enabled before killing or closing the menu, otherwise all those cheats/mods will always be active for ever, even if the toggles are turned turned off.
2. Make sure the architectures (x86, ARMv7, ARM64) you choose in the PM Injector App is matching the App on your device, otherwise it might fail due to wrong code injected (App error possible).
3. Make sure the App version in your device matches the App version in the PM Injector App, otherwise the injector may not work because of a code-missmatch (App error possible).
4. If app version in your device and PM Injector App matches but injector does not work, then it could be because the code that the Modder provided was incorrect or there's a new APK with different version code (App error possible). Just ask the Modder to check and fix it.

* If you face one or multiple issues of the listed above then you need to start from scratch by removing the App completely from your device and making a fresh install.

Free Download:
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