Outdated Speakly: Learn Languages Fast v1.34.0 [Premium/ VIP Cracked]


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Jun 20, 2022
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Speakly Mod Features:
  • VIP Cracked
  • Unwanted services eliminated
  • Lifetime never expiring license included

The description of Speakly App
Learn Spanish 🇪🇸 English 🇺🇸 French 🇫🇷 Italian 🇮🇹 German 🇩🇪 Russian 🇷🇺
Finnish 🇫🇮 and Estonian 🇪🇪 languages!

If you want to learn a language to speak with your peers—be them friends, coworkers, or neighbors—while traveling, studying, or living abroad, you will enjoy studying with Speakly!


Here’s what makes SPEAKLY more effective than any other language learning app:

RELEVANT VOCABULARY — Speakly combines science and computational algorithms to teach you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words of your target language in order of their importance. This will make the learning process 4 – 5 times faster than traditional methodologies.

MEMORY TECHNIQUES — Speakly uses spaced repetition to push newly learned information into your long-term memory in the most efficient way imaginable. This ensures that you remember everything you’ve learned.

REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS — Speakly allows you to practice real-life situations right from your smartphone or computer. This will build your confidence when speaking a foreign language in your everyday life.

FAST RESULTS — With Speakly, you will go from absolute beginner to a confident speaking level in just a few months of studying.

Free Download:
You can use this coupon code too: MISHAQAEN4
Warning: It's better to download the mod instead of using coupon. I can't guarantee that the coupon works. since it was only intended for dev teams.
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