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  1. ricky5420

    ricky5420 New On The Block

    HI buddy, is there any Taiwanese or Chinese?
  2. 66300

    66300 Member

    I am Taiwanese
  3. unlong

    unlong Member

  4. 0905067750

    0905067750 Special-Member VIP

    我 too
  5. 157313

    157313 New On The Block

    台灣+1 這網站很棒
  6. Ymmmsick

    Ymmmsick New On The Block

    I am Chinese
  7. AKG1998

    AKG1998 Member

  8. shin1985

    shin1985 Member


    Game Name: 唱舞全明星

    Game Version: 1.5.3

    Google Play Store Link: 唱舞全明星

    APK Link: 唱舞全明星

    Cheat Requested:
    1. all mode auto perfect
  9. xuri52dan

    xuri52dan Member

    (๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑)这里是一只中国废宅,喜欢这个网站
  10. Mino

    Mino New On The Block

  11. LEWIng

    LEWIng Member

    不錯的網, come from Hong Kong
  12. agixx

    agixx Special-Member VIP

    台灣+1 這網站很棒
  13. trish

    trish New On The Block

  14. sylainy

    sylainy Member

    chinese +1
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