READ! VIP Price Change Announcement (Effective 1st January 2024 00:00 UTC+1)

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Mar 22, 2017
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Dear Platinians,

the first words you read are deciding about your mood. Therefore please allow us to take one important information directly to the start:

The price will increase but we will compensate that with a few changes to the VIP system/rules!

The announcement about a price change will for sure cause some people to be sad or angry. We know that, we might would feel same at your situation. But please try to have a neutral view on the situation. Since a few years now, you see everything around you to get more expensive. Be it services like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, be it things you need like gasoline/patrol, oil, water, electric or be it food you buy in the supermarkets or at restaurants. In the past years, the world got more expensive rapidly.

While everything around you got more expensive, Platinmods kept at the same price for over a half decade with 9.90 EUR per month. And we tried sooooo endless hard to keep that price even longer while we were usually forced to change it already for long time. Sadly, every fight has an end.

The expenses we have increased multiple times now since a few years and it seems like it knows only one direction...up. We never seen any costs around us to fall. After a long fight, we are forced to increase our prices too.

But else then other services, we will not increase it without changing anything. In fact, with the changes we apply, the VIP price actually could be less then before for you! We do not want to increase the prices, we are forced to. But what we can do is, to compensate you for that. And that's what we gonna do!

The new VIP price will be 14,90 EUR per month for 3 devices/ids instead of 9,90 EUR

Time of change: 1st January 2024 00:00 UTC+1 (+- 1-2 hours)

What else will change?

1. Sharing the license with a friend will be allowed!
-> While currently sharing the license will result in you loose your VIP account without a refund, in future you will be allowed to do that! You are allowed to use 3 devices/ids with your license, that means technically, you could share the license with 2 friends when each just use 1 device and everyone of you would only pay 5 EUR per month when you split the bill! Even if you just share with 1 friend, it would be 7.50 EUR per person and 2.50 EUR cheaper then it was before.
--> Please note, that only the paying person has a VIP account and can download the VIP MODs or the license. You gonna need to share the files manually to your friend, they cannot get them them self. But you are allowed to give them access to your account if you trust them enough to do that.

2. Additional to your 1 license reset per VIP month, all licenses will be automatically reset every 1st of a calendar month. Guaranteed.
-> Before you only had 1 reset per vip month. Now we automatically do reset the license every 1st of a month at a random time that day. That means technically, you have 2 reset now per VIP month! We did that already since a while but only when we want to cleanup, from then it will be guaranteed every month at a certain day.

For people paying with gift cards:
People paid with gift cards for VIP might face the issue to have to buy 2 gift cards because 15 € gift cards are out of stock or because of other reasons. You can pay then with a lower card such as 1x 10 EUR gift card, but you will receive only 20 days of VIP for it. Here are the possible combinations:

1x 10 EUR = 20 days
1x 15 EUR = 1 month
2x 10 EUR = 1 month + 10 days
1x 10 EUR + 1x 5 EUR = 1 month
1x 25 EUR = 1 month + 20 days
1x 25 EUR + 1x 5 EUR = 2 months
2x 15 EUR = 2 months

Other combinations of gift cards are possible too. The above will make you understand the math behind the sum and vip time.

1x 5EUR for 10 days is not possible!

We hope you can understand, why we have to do this. Please do not be mad for us, at least not for too long.

With all love,
Your Platinmods Team
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