Help! VIP question. 🤔

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Is vip worth the price tag?

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Oct 11, 2020
As it stands is there any real reason to getting VIP? Like it seems like there's rarely any updates to the modded apps and the ban rates are so redicoulsly high that it's not even worth the price?

Like a 100% ban rate for 24/hrs after one match in cod is crazy!

That makes zero sense. Why charge for something so detected? Might as well make it free with that banrate and start from scratch. I don't think any pc cheating providers would be caught dead charging for such a horrible product. (And yes I'll level in that regard and accept the fact that hacking mobile games could be more tedious and take more effort)

Unless I'm wrong and someone would like to correct me if I've missed something? What's. The actual point to getting vip here if the most saught after mods aren't given any attention whatsoever to functionality?

I'm totally down to spend the money! I just really need a staff member or someone to explain to me the business model here.

This isn't meant as an attack on you guys either. I'm just genuinely curious.


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Approved Modder
Sep 9, 2018
Minkowski Space
Only bans I've heard of have been those on BETA status, which means they can't offer the prefect mod. The only public one with that tag is CoD.
As far as I know, non BETA games have a 0% ban rate if following the proper steps.
They offer the mod because they can mod it, and there's chances you won't be banned.
(As you will also see, BETA games have the disclaimer to NOT PURCHASE VIP if you intend to only play that game)

There's no sense in making it free since VIP doesn't equal ban safety or present features. VIP means game is hard af to mod because it's inner security, which is usually linked to the devs caring for their game to have the lower amount of cheaters as possible.

A good example is Summoners War. Free mod existed, tons of players used it, and even if they banned suspicious players, they still kept increaseing the security until a free mod is no longer available.
Had the mod been behind a paywall, less people would have been using it.

Some extra info:
When you pay VIP, you are paying to access the currently available VIP games (50+ more or less). You are not paying for the games themselves. If some game is no longer moddable, it will be taken down.
And be careful, some mods requiere extra steps to avoid ban, so pay atention to the game's thread inside the vip section so you don't screw things up.

VIP mods have their own sections to be talked about, and thats why it seems VIP games are "ghosts". I believe the admins also delete all coments related to them that are posted outside their section.
You have heard about CoD and maybe PubG because they are the BETA ones and lots of users just posted complains in general chat.

Also: For any doubt, feel free to ask G-Bo

Hope this was helpful.
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