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  1. Source Among Us v2021.12.15 Offsets

    Hey, you don't need to download anything, just copy the code. Good mods! :pepe019:
  2. Source Among Us v2021.12.15 Offsets

    Hey, how are you? Here it is. Good mods! :pepe020:
  3. Tool [Source] Il2CppDumper GUI Tool

    How get a local type definitions?
  4. Source Among Us v2021.12.15 Offsets

    Hey, how are you? Well, you can use these offsets with several methods... In my case, I use the patch to unlock the skins, and in the others I use the hook function. If you have doubts about how to implement these methods you can view this tutorial, if you don't understand, you can let me know...
  5. Dump AmongUs v2021.12.15 Dump

    Among us offsets :pepe023:
  6. Source Among Us v2021.12.15 Offsets

    Here are some offsets from among us version 2021.12.15. Good mods! :pepe023: struct { uintptr_t GetUnlockedOutfits = 0xD0B894; uintptr_t GetUnlockedVisors = 0xD0B934; uintptr_t GetUnlockedHats = 0xD0B7F4; uintptr_t GetUnlockedPets = 0xD0B754; uintptr_t GetUnlockedNamePlates...
  7. Dump Standoff 2 C# Source Code

    Ty bro :)
  8. Dump AmongUs v2021.12.15 Dump

    Here a dump from Among Us. Good mods :) Free Download: Hidden content

    I have a system based on the 32-bit architecture (armv7) I did all the processes correctly, I installed the ndk armv7 (in AIDE) I did the settings, but it still gives this error... If it's a newbie error, I'm sorry. I am now entering in this mod world, hope you understand. By the...

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