## Download VIP License (Important!) ##

VIP ## Download VIP License (Important!) ## Ver. 1.0.1

Dear VIPs,

finally we implemented a license system to protect our VIP MODs against leeching and sharing =) The license will be added to more and more VIP Games with the time. Here you will learn how to use it.

Important: Sharing the license file will result in permanent ban for your account. The license is connected to your account and will give automatic alert on unnatural usage. We enabled the check actually at 3 devices at the same time, that means not 3 devices at total, you can have more devices. It just gives alert if more then 3 devices use the license at the same time (for example if the license got shared/leeched public).

How to use:
1. Download your license file by clicking the "Download Now" button above.
2. Some devices download the license.pm as license.txt, that will not work. Rename it in that case to license.pm.
3. Place the file "license.pm" to internal storage location on your device (if you don't know where to place, if you start the game the first time it will will crash and create a "PLACE YOUR LICENSE HERE.txt", just put the license in the same location like that file and restart the game.
4. On Android 6+ you need to enable the storage permission in the app settings for that game (Emulators don't need to set permissions except of Bluestacks and Android 6+ instances).
5. Done, the game will start now without any problem =)

1. You need a working internet connection to launch the VIP MODs.
2. Location on Emulators like NOX will be for example /storage/emulated/0/ (or start the game once and see above)
3. The storage permission can be set at "Settings -> Apps -> GAMENAME -> Permissions".
4. Games needs license are marked with "Needs License: Yes"
5. Your username must have no "." or "&" in name! If your name is for example Mr.XXX then please send me (G-Bo) a message to remove the "." to MrXXX, otherwise the license will bug.
6. Some phones, especially Chinese phones, have problems with the license if you have an SD-Card in the device. If you tried everything and it's still not working, please try to remove the SD-Card and try again.
7. To get sure your WLAN is not blocking the connection, you can try to use mobile data if the license fails to work after you did everything correct. Get sure as well you don't have a firewall installed on the device which is blocking the connection.

Known problems:
- 64 bit devices like some Xiomi can have problems if they are using Android 4, 5 or 6. In that case you need to upgrade to Android 7/8/9 (better don't choose 8.1, its unstable!) or use an emulator to enjoy the mods until we found a fix. But 64 bit devices are rare, 80% are using 32bit devices.

Note: This step only needs to be done once. The license is working for every VIP Game, just leave it on your device. When your VIP expires, the file will not work anymore and the game will force close on start (except of you renew your VIP).

Still need help? Problem with emulators? Here a detailed video about ALL emulators:

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