## Download VIP License Placer ##

Android VIP ## Download VIP License Placer ## Ver. 3.0

Dear VIPs,

to make the process of downloading the VIP License, placing it correctly and reading the error log more comfortable for you, we have created an App which does all of that for you.


1. Live Checker If License Is Placed

Always know on first sight if license is in place.

2. Live Checker If License Has Errors
Indicator if your license has errors. Details on the read error log button available.

3. Download License
Requires to login with your Platinmods account via browser. You can start the download right after.

4. Place License
Automatically moves your license from your download directory to the correct place.
Automatically fixes errors in license file names caused by certain browsers.

5. Open VIP MOD List
One click access to the VIP MOD List.

6. Read License Error Log
Your license has errors? Here you will know what is wrong and what to do about it.

App Preview:


We do hope this is making the process easier for you. Feel free to contact us if you still face any issues!​

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