Jurassic World Alive MOD APK | Inf. Battery | VIP Enabled | Map Hack | Always Perfect

VIP Jurassic World Alive MOD APK | Inf. Battery | VIP Enabled | Map Hack | Always Perfect Ver. 1.7.33

Works brilliantly, if you have a problem opening the gane like I did originally then follow the instructions here....
Awesome mod! Works like a charm.
Too bad there is a limit to coins / cash collected from supply-drops. Or did I miss something?
I'm install this app but I No play game what??? I need help.
When comes instant kill back
Just too Awesome :)
Excellent! Just in time for the event of blue! Incredible!
Excellent & Awesome MOD. Keep it Up!!!
Although they have removed instant kill, Yeowang makes up for it with the dummy dino. Awesome! (google traductor)
Perfect mod and now including VIP, all the features are awesome !!

NOTE on latest version : Feature with [Instant Kill Dino] doesn't work
Awesome mod! Works great!
Excellent & Awesome MOD. Keep it up!
Absolutely amazing mod bro, best version of JW mod out there and this alone is worth the vip subscription as JW charges and micro transactions are rediculous expensive I hope it vs rays up to date with the app version thanks and love from Scotland
The game works perfectly
Amazing! Easy to understand and play. Well done! :D
Excellent MOD. If the MOD can modify the Coins and Dollars in near future, it will be Awesome. Thanks
I can't play now it stop working but i thing it will be great
Excellent work love being vip this mod is so cool thanks guys....
Just wanted the say.. Excellent mod! Just great man.. Five Stars
I'm on a Pixel 2 XL non-root Android ver 9. Android P DP4, everything works perfectly. Awesome job.
I wish all vip mod will support android8.1, because most new vip mod I can't play.
G-Bo ッ
G-Bo ッ
We will try to add this fix to as much games as possible soon =)
I love this MOD!

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