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Tutorial [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games

Discussion in 'EXCLUSIVE MODS BY PMT' started by G-Bo ッ, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. G-Bo ッ

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    IMPORTANT NEWS: Google is now fighting against unsigned MODs which can login to Google+. They have designed a new signature which makes it nearly impossible to install unsigned MODs on Android 7+. Let's hope Luckypatcher will solve that soon.

    A. For Facebook-Login you just need to remove your Facebook App or use FBLite.

    B. You want to login with Google+ or Facebook-App (installed)?

    1. Your device needs root! If you don't know what root is, your device is not rooted =D
    2. You have to unsign APK (sometimes unsigned APKs are uploaded too, then you can skip this)
    3. You must install original game and login with Google+ or FB (don't remove game after!)
    4. You have to install the Apps: Lucky Patcher and BusyBox.
    5. You have to patch the signature verification
    6. You install the modded APK over the original game
    7. Thats it =)

    Sounds easy, but needs one time watched live to understand. So watch video and enjoy =)

    BusyBox Pro v54.apk - 3.8 MB
    Latest Luckypatcher version

    1. Many devices don't need BusyBox to patch with Luckypatcher like NOX! So you can skip the BusyBox part and proceed directly with Luckpatcher =)
    2. If you download Luckypatcher from the official page it will be an .zip file and not an .apk file. Please unzip it before your install.

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  2. zverilius

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    Sep 30, 2017
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    Instructions for those who have a root, apply all the patches of the android to the LP and installed Busybox, but for some reason unsigned mods are not installed.

    The first method: You need to open the apk file, then open the META-INF folder and then open the file CERT.SF (depending on the game, the CERT file may have a different name, but after the point, this file always ends in .SF) for editing it. Open this file using the xml editor and now we have the ability to edit it. When the file is already open, we look at the second line above (it has the serial number 2), which is called X-Android-APK-Signed: 2. This line we need to completely remove from the file. When you exit the file, save the changes and update it in the archive. We all exit the apk file and try to install it as an application. Miracle! ... The file passes the verification of the signature perfectly and is installed.
    This method, personally, I did in the program MT Manager (version VIP) MT Manager - Android Apps on Google Play

    The second method: Use RAR or X-Plore and extract and copy the x86 folder from the lib folder from the official apk to the same place, only in moded (unsigned) apk and everything will be fine.

    Enjoy your favorite game (unsigned mod) and sync with Google account!

    I wish everyone good luck!
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