1. Tutorial How to Decompile, Compile, and Sign APKs without APK Easy Tool

    Requirements: - ZipSigner: ZipSigner Direct Download -WinRar: WinRar 64bit WinRar 32bit -APK of desired game: Search and Download your APK from here Decompile: - Open APK with WinRar - Copy libil2cpp.so &...
  2. Battle of Warship Mods Tutorial Tips and Tricks

    Name : Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz Version : 1.66.11 Need Root Access : Yes What you looking in this thread? Yes you're looking how to Injection an Account that have Unlimited Resource right? But is only for Rooted Devices A specification account that can be Injection in Future version is...
  3. Tutorial Android FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

    Frequently Asked Questions This topic will answer some Frequently Asked Questions by members so if someone asks the same question again, they can be redirected here or you can copy & paste the answer to them. "Application not installed"? There might be few reasons for this. 1. The game might...

    List of all Platinmods Modding Tutorials Featured Tutorial - BASICS ABOUT ANDROID APK MODDING IN GENERAL | LEARN MODDING TODAY FOR FREE! Recommended Tools : Compile / Decompile APK : Modding Tools - APK Easy Tool v1.50 Windows (GUI apktool) Unity Game Modding : Releases · 0xd4d/dnSpy · GitHub...

    Hey there, I think you read this cause you would like to start learning modding. Well, we have all tutorials you need here but I can imagine that all this tutorials confusing you and you don't know how to start. Well, let me help you a bit sorting out the things. Let's start with the very...
  6. P


    Introduction As more and more visitors of our site asked for a tutorial on mod menus, we decided to develop an easy-to-use library that does all the necessary calculations and coding for the modder, without requiring C# or Unity knowledge. Features easy and ready to use tool quick referencing...
  7. Help! libil2cpp.so MOD problem game free fire

    Hello, all.. i'm having a bit of trouble in my game mod ... I tried to make free fire game mod using IDA PRO and HxD tools in this case i am trying to make unlimited module health or unlimited HP, i have successfully converted it to 99999 (unlimited) by just turning the normal OP MOV to MOV R0...
  8. Tuto Modding en francais !!

    Voila j'ai fait un Tuto en francais sur le modding car j'ai moi meme galérer a apprendre alors avec cette video et avec de la pratique ce sera super simple les lien pour le modding kit sont sur youtube :Click ici ! La video Ici ! Et Abonne toi ;) (like aussi)
  9. Tutorial How to change location for Google Play to unlock country locked games [no root]

    Hello guys, as myself, some of you met the problem, that games are not available on google play. I wanna explain you how I fixed that problem. I will take as example the game King's Raid, which is in my country (Germany) not available. So I need to change to US Market. Let's go: 1. As you see...
  10. Why you should root + patch your device?

    Hey buddys, I like to explain you why you should root & patch your device! I see only pros, no contras. Over this I think in the future it will be maybe only possible for root users to enjoy the real good MODs! Here my top reasons why you should root your device: 1.) If you are rooted, you...
  11. Tutorial [Videotutorial] Very nice Beginners Guide for IDA Modding on Android Games

    Hello guys, I found this nice video tutorials, explaining very well the steps how to mod with IDA. Enjoy learning =) Basics: Part I: Part II: Subs to AliKr96
  12. How to sign up and download on www.platinmods.com

    Whats up guys =) Some of you have problems to download on this place. For those who have that problems, here a short tutorial how to do it =) First of all, you need to sign up (it's free!). Without signing up you will not be able to download at all ;-) Just click here: Sign Up For Free...
  13. Tutorial [Videotutorial] How to do the OBB Trick (no root) | OBB Installation Guide

    Whats up my friends =) Here again a tutorial for my buddys! Sometimes you have already the OBB files and don't want to remove or redownload them for a MOD. The file is too big to download, needs over an hour...and and and. But the problem is, you don't have root and can't install the MOD over...

    Here is a good tutorial for anyone who is willing to learn what the arm assembly language is and how do you understand it.This is a very useful tutorial to understand the basic instructions in IDA Steps of doing: 1. Check the Game --> What could be hacked? What names the functions could have...
  15. [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games

    A. For Facebook-Login you just need to remove your Facebook App from the device (even Facebook Lite)! NOTE: On some Emulators you cannot remove Facebook Lite, it will install automatically again. Install Luckypatcher and choose "freeze" App instead of remove. B. You want to login with Google+...
  16. Tutorial [Videotutorial] How To Install OBB Files On Modded Games (root)

    How To Install downloaded OBB Files On Modded Games Way 1 (no root): 1.) Install playstore version and download OBB files ingame 2.) Go to Android/OBB folder on your device and rename game OBB with additional "x" or something 3.) Remove playstore version 4.) Install mod APK 5.) Go to...
  17. [Videotutorial] How To Download With DropAPK Upload-Service

    How to download with DropAPK 1. Open link 2. Click on "free download" on the left bottom 3. Close ad tabs and go back to first link site where you clicked on "free download" 4. Click on create download-link 5. Here we go =) Still problems? Watch:

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