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Frequently Asked Questions

This topic will answer some Frequently Asked Questions by members so if someone asks the same question again, they can be redirected here or you can copy & paste the answer to them.

"Application not installed"?
There might be few reasons for this.
1. The game might have been only available for Rooted Devices so if you don't have root, it won't let you install the app.
2. You are not able to overwrite your app if you have downloaded from PlayStore and try to install a mod over it unless you have root.

Adreno, Tegra, Mali, PowerVR? Which one do I have/need?

As you may have noticed, some mods come with a few options. You need to download the version which is compatible with your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)..

Mod not working?
1. The modder might have only hacked the arm part of the game so if you have x86 devices, the hack won't work for you.
2. There might be bugs with the hack so you have to kindly let ME know by replying on his thread or messaging him/her.

3. Make sure you read the functions properly to not misunderstand what has been hacked.

request mod?

How to unlock the hidden content?
LIKE THE THREAD (We use Only like for most the threads, but u can check the hidden content decription for more options

Facebook Login not working?
- If Facebook login doesn't work, delete the Facebook app
- Login using the in-game Facebook pop-up
- Reinstall the Facebook app

Google+ Login not working?
- You'll need Lucky Patcher and Busy Box
- Root is required to login using Google+
- The modder should have provided an unsigned APK so you can login
- Open Lucky Patcher and click on toolbox
- After that click on Patch to Android button
- Select "Signature Verification status always true" and "Disable .apk Signature Verfication" and click on Apply. This will take a while, don't click on anything.
- Once the patch is finished you will see a message saying finished. Close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device, if it's not done automatically.
- After your phone restarts, open Lucky Patcher again and Go to Toolbox, Patch to Android again.
- Click on the option "Disable signature verification in the package manager" and click on Apply. Once completed, close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device, if it's not done automatically.

- After the patches are applied, uninstall the modded game that you're originally trying to login to.
- Install the Playstore version of the game that you are trying to connect to Google+, Once the Game is installed login to Google+
- Get the unsigned mod APK of the modded game and install it (the game will automatically overwrite the Playstore version)
- Make sure you do not uninstall the Playstore version as it is very important.
- You should now be connected to Google+.


Credits :- Dasrealus


Apr 9, 2021
Hi, I have root access and already did the lucky patcher steps, but it still say "Application not installed" with any of the mods I downloaded


Jul 7, 2020
How to mod Kotlin arch applicaation. Like the does not have any .dll files only .kotlin_megadata. Any help would be really helpful.

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