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  1. G-Bo ッ

    How to install Apple MODs / Cheats for iOS Devices without Jailbreak

    Please read this first! Apple changed something on the certification system which is causing problems for people without a developer account to install non JB mods via Cydia Impactor. That tool is made by Saurik and there is nothing we can do. We just can hope, that Saurik updates the Cydia...
  2. G-Bo ッ

    How to install Apple MODs / Cheats for iOS Devices with Jailbreak

    System Requirements - Your iOS device must have jailbreak. - You need to have Cydia Substrate installed on Cydia. - You need to have PreferenceLoader installed on Cydia. - You need a Filemanager to move the file from your PC to your iDevice (i.e. iFunbox) - You need a Filemanager installed on...
  3. Alex Zander

    Tutorial Android FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

    Frequently Asked Questions This topic will answer some Frequently Asked Questions by members so if someone asks the same question again, they can be redirected here or you can copy & paste the answer to them. "Application not installed"? There might be few reasons for this. 1. The game might...

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