Why you should root + patch your device?

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Mar 22, 2017
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Hey buddies,

I like to explain you why you should root & patch your device! I see a lot of pros in doing so. Over this I think in the future it will be maybe only possible for root users to enjoy the real good MODs!

Here are my top reasons why you should root your device:

1.) If you are rooted, you are able to patch your device to ignore significations.

2.) You will never have the problem, that you have to remove the original game before you can install a MOD. You can install MOD over the Playstore version and the Playstore version over MOD to play legit again.

3.) You will never have the problem to loose your savegames.

4.) You can always login with Google+.

5.) You can login with Facebook without removing the Facebook-App.

6.) You will be able to install ALL MODs on this planet.

7.) You have millions of possibilities.

8.) You will never need to pay for a premium version of an App (well, some Apps are good protected lol).

NOTE: Some games started to detect root but there are already tools/programs which help you to hide your root such as magisk.

If you are already rooted and want to patch your device, here is my video-tutorial:

Tutorial - [Videotutorial] How To Login With Google+ Or Facebook App On Modded Games

Take this serious!
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