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  1. Tutorial How to mod split APKs (App bundles)

    Modding split is not hard as you think. Only difference is you need to sign them all and install with Split APKs Installer app Before you start modding split apk: Check if APK still support 4.4 and below which provides single APK using Apkcombo Force download ARMv7 APK on APKCombo -...
  2. Tutorial How to backup/export split APK (App bundles) (NO root & root)

    As you know, when you backed up a 'base' apk, it doesn't come with lib folder due to splitted apks (developers deliver apps as Android app bundles.) Other APK extraction tools in the Play store cannot properly backup split apks/app bundles unless they implemented to support backing up split...
  3. Tutorial How to install split APK using Split APK Installer (NO root)

    At this summer, many developers are using app bundles (split apk) for some reason, more likely reducing size of APK... It seems Google are highly recommending all devs to use bundles right now. Fortunately, it's still installable. Still it does slowing down modding process. This has bugged me...
  4. Tutorial How to download single APK with lib folder on

    Tried of split APK? You can download single APK with lib folder from Apkcombo. Not all games comes with single APK tho How to download single APK It's pretty simple Visit Apkcombo: ⚡ Download APK for Android (Free) - Fastest! Search for the game you like to download. It shows the link to...

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